Facebook Marketing Resources June 2013


It’s time for our weekly list of value!  Facebook marketing resources…

How to Embed a Web Page on Facebook in 10 Minutes!

facebook website resizer time is money

Why read this post?  Because “Time is money“!

The word “time” is one precious word to business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers of any kind. The days seem to be getting shorter and shorter with the invention of social media. It has changed the way we communicate, share information, eat, play and work.

Finding ways to integrate and leverage work between different platforms and communication is key to saving and maximizing our time.

Here’s a tip to add your most compelling web pages, product pages, landing pages, etc. to a Facebook fan page tab.

The beauty is that this solution is DIFFERENT from regular iframe solutions.  You can scale it so there are NO SCROLLBARS!

Facebook Contests – A Winning Marketing Method for Fan Pages

www_facebook_com_washingtonparent_sk=app_428648670480001&app_data=sp0-item-33012-577Why Read?  Complete overview of contests from sales value to types, and promotion tips.

Marketers are always looking at finding new and effective ways to reach their target audience.

With Facebook being a major social network force where potential customers are spending significant time, maximizing the effectiveness of your company Facebook page is a critical consideration.

This post dives into the value, types, and keys for a successful contest.

Want more resourcing on Facebook Photo Contests?

Running a Successful Facebook Photo Contest

Value?  Practical demo with tips!

Facebook Marketing Webinar Event – June 28

Trying to take your Facebook Page activity to the next level?  Want to join the fun of running a Facebook Photo Contest but not sure how to start?  This is the webinar for you!

Join our free webinar on June 28.  Get details by clicking the image below.



20 Ideas to Rock Your Facebook Business Page With Tabsite Website Resizer

facebook website resizer ideas to rock facebook page

Why read?  Practical ideas for “using what you got” (your website pages) on Facebook to add value.

One of the top questions we receive from customers of all kinds is “what do I put on a Facebook tab?” The answer is easy if you know the right answers to a few of the most important questions to be successful online, offline and in business.

Ebook Download – Tips for a Successful Facebook Sweepstakes

Value?  Practical ideas that can be implemented right away!

ebook-call-out-261-finalIn this quick guide, you’ll learn about setting up a Sweepstakes, the power of incentivizing fans to share with friends, and what you need to do to achieve real business results.

Those are the resources for this week!  Hope you enjoyed!

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