TabSite Platinum Plan Overview for July 2012

Post is old.  See updated information at We’ve been busy adding new features to the TabSite Platinum Plan over the past 6 weeks.   In order to give you once concise location to see all the latest features and tools for this powerful TabSite Plan, we’re going to outline the details here. The TabSite Platinum Plan offers the most comprehensive suite of Facebook Page custom tab tools we offer.  It includes our popular Contests tools, Sweepstakes, form builder, and all video, photo, iframe, youtube, and social media widgets plus ability to export all data and entries from contests, sweepstakes, and forms. In addition, there are ready-made contest and sweepstake templates you can use! There is NO FAN LIMIT meaning you DO NOT have to pay more for gaining more fans like some other providers!  The Platinum Plan works on one Facebook Page and you can run unlimited contests and sweepstakes on that Page. TabSite Plan Comparison Chart Platinum Plan: The Platinum version of TabSite has an advanced set of tools for Contests, Sweepstakes, and Forms.  The features include ability to:

  • Conduct Photo Contests; Video (YouTube or Vimeo entries) Contests, or Essay Contests
  • Allow single entry or multiple entries per contest
  • Fans can vote one time, one time per day, or multiple times (with ability to set a limit)
  • Capture and Export Contest entries, including photos, video links, and essays. (Photos are resized to load quickly on the web.  This is the export size as well.)
  • Build Editable Forms on tabs and have export capability of all form submission data.
  • Easy pick a random winner or winners from Sweepstakes Entries with 1 click.
  • Track the views of each Contest entry.
  • View the Total Votes and view a list of Voters.
  • Admins can select that Contest entries be Pre-Approved before they go live on the Facebook Page.
  • Admins can also hide entries (remove from pubic display) for evaluation of a entry to ensure contest rules have been followed.
  • Page Admins can set display of winners to be a single winner or multiple winners (up to 10). This is perfect for displaying 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries.

Capture, View, Manage, & Export Entries  TabSite Platinum allows users to capture, view, and export all entries to a contest or sweepstakes. Data is stored for 6 months after the end of the contest or sweepstakes and can be viewed, managed/deleted, and exported during that time.  This includes the ability to export the YouTube and Vimeo video url’s per Video Contest entries, abilty to export the essay/content entries for Essay Contests, and ability to export a zipped file of all contest images from Photo Contests.  Sweepstakes users can export the data from each submission of their created Sweepstakes form.     Manage & Approve all Contest Entries before they go Live on Fan Page. TabSite Platinum allows Page Admins to have the option to pre-approve all Contest entries before they would be live publicly on the Facebook Page.  This moderation feature gives Page Admins more control over entries and enables stronger protection against entries not meeting all contest requirements.   Editable Form Builder with Export With the Platinum version of TabSite, Page Admins can build their own custom forms to use on their Facebook tabs and tab websites.  Admins can view form data submissions as well as export all captured data to csv files that can be opened in Excel. Sweepstakes Random Winner Picker The Platinum plan gives Facebook Page Admins a tool in the Export area to view entries and to select number of winners (up to 5) and then the system randomly selects a winner or up to the top 5, making it easy to have a random winner identified for each sweepstakes you run!   View Voters / Moderate Voters The Platinum version of TabSite gives Page Admins the ability to moderate voting to ensure a fair contest for all.  Page Admins can view a list of those that have voted and a link to the Facebook Profile of those voting.  This allows Page Admins to verify how many times a user has voted and if they are a valid Facebook profile.  In addition, there is also ability to ‘hide” a entry for further review.  This keeps the entry in the database but not available to the public.  Page Admins can then choose to either “Unhide” or delete the entry if it was in violation of contest terms. The TabSite Platinum features give Facebook Page Admins a robust feature set to manage Contests, Sweepstakes, and forms.  Together these tools empower Page Admins with ability to manage, export, and moderate engaging promotions on a fan page.   Compare TabSite Plans. FULL LIST OF TABSITE  FEATURES

Free 14 Day Trial Option  check
Easy Layout Tabs check
Specialty Tabs check
# of Tabs that can be added to a Page [Each Plan is for 1 Facebook Page] 11 tabs on 1 Page
Branding: Remove TabSite Ads on tabs check
Sub-Pages per tab Unlimited
MB of Space 250MB
WebSite: 810 wide website  No Ads +3rd Column
Design Templates:  check
Number of Likes allowed:  Unlimited
Widgets Available 
 Sweepstakes check
 Contests check
 Tweet Button check
 Code Widget check
 Facebook Social Plugins check
 Google +1 check
 Document/Coupon Manager check
 Editable Form check
 PhotoShow check
 ProductShow check
 VideoShow check
 RSS Feed check
 iFrame check
 YouTube Channel feed check
 Twitter Feed check
 Video Widget check
 HotLink check
 Flash check
 Content Text Editor check
 Image Widget check
 E-mail Sign Up Form check
 Google Maps check
Platform Tools
Tab Name Options Any Name for your Tab
Capture/View/Export Contest Entries check
Admins can Approve Contest Entries check
Form Builder Data Storage & Export check
Sweepstakes Winner Generator check
View Vote Count & Voters check
Google Analytics Integration check
Custom Tab Icon check
Like-Gate fan-gate reveal tab check
Global Header Footer check
Mobile Friendly URL for Tabs check
Drag N Build Easy Page Creator check
Previewer check
Save as Template check
TabSite Easy Image Tray check
Post to Wall / Newsfeed check
Unlimited Fans (?) check
Background Images check
Tab Views check
Add Master & Standard Admins. check
WebSite: Use Tabs as a Website check
Manage Timeline Cover Image check
Manage Timeline 111×74 Image check
Templates: check


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