TabSite Tabs for Mobile Viewers Upgraded

TabSite announces a further upgrade in mobile friendly tab urls.

iphone-photo-.micro.pngAs you have likely experienced, the Facebook mobile site and mobile apps for Android and iPhone do not offer a simple ability to access custom tabs on a fan page. 

Facebook limits you in the mobile version to the Wall, Info, Photos, and Activity.  For most apps this means your custom tabs are hidden from viewers accessing the tab on their mobile device.

However, with TabSite this doesn’t have to be the case!


TabSite offers multilple ways to get a mobile friendly url to use per tab or sub-page.



Option 1: Save & Post to Wall

When you use the TabSite “Save & Post to Wall” feature, this will post an update to your fan page wall and it will link back to the TabSite custom tab you are posting from. 

It is programmed so that if the link in the wall post is clicked, TabSite checks to see if it is a mobile browser, and, if so, we deliver a mobile friendly version of the content to the user. (see image)


This powerful feature sets TabSite apart from many fan page platforms and gives TabSite users ability to post updates to their wall about their fan page tabs that can be viewed by mobile users.  With mobile use of Facebook continuing to grow and averaging over 40% of normal daily use, this unique TabSite feature of “Post to Wall” enables you to easily reach more fans and give them access to your custom tab creations!


Use the pop-up box to customize your Facebook Fan Page Wall post:





Option 2: Generate a Mobile URL per tab to use anywhere

In the TabSite Manager, open any tab and go to “Save” button.  From the Drop Down menu, select the “Save & Get Mobile URL” option as shown below.



When the “Save & Get Mobile URL” is selected, a mobile url will be generated and a box with it will appear like below: (click to see larger view)

Mobile url

This shows you the mobile friendly url and by simply clicking the “Click here to copy the URL” it will copy the url to your clipboard so you can simply go to your fan page wall or elsewhere and paste it.


You’ll get a confirmation message that the post was published to your wall.  Below is the mobile view from an iPhone of the Facebook wall post and then the custom tab view aftering clicking the link.  The image and “Widget Videos” are linked to the custom TabSite tab.



Here’s the custom TabSite tab fully viewable in the iPhone Facebook app.



OPTION 3: Copy the Mobile URL from the My Sub-Pages area


The mobile url is also accessible under any tab in the “My Sub-Pages”  area accessed via “Open / View Pages” in the drop down menu show below.




So go ahead, give mobile users access to your custom tabs! Mobile Facebook use is over 30% of daily user activity, so take advantage of this opportunity!



For further TabSite mobile instructions, go to the TabSite mobile help page.


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