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Easily drag and place widgets using the TabSite Drag N Build system

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TabSite offers two types of Facebook Page tab apps. Engagement Apps (details here), which are simple setup, powerful promotion tools using set templates that you customize, or Drag N Build tabs which offer complete design control and ability to create exactly the design you want using a full suite of widgets.

TabSite users can easily create custom Facebook Page tabs with Drag N Build by dragging widgets onto their tab canvas, customize according to the widget options in a few simple clicks, and then publish. TabSite's Drag N Build system gives users the ability to layer widgets and easily change the position of items moving them forward or back in their design. Read descriptions on each widget below. Certain widgets are available only with specific paid Plans.

With TabSite there are no restrictions or additional costs based on your number of fans. Same cost regardless of the growth of your fan base! All Plan levels offer pre-designed Templates as well. TabSite is Timeline ready for 810 wide tabs.

View our Pricing page to see which features are included with each Plan. Contests, Sweepstakes, and Like Gate (for fan gating) are available starting at the Gold Plan level. Every TabSite comes with ability to publish the tabs to the web as a WebSite (formerly called MicroSite). The TabSite Enterprise service includes every feature, widget, and tool we offer.

Contest Widget

The TabSite Contest suite allows Page Admins to easily create fan contests where users can submit entries and vote on Photo uploads, Videos, or Essay Contests.  The Contest app in TabSite comes with a full suite of tools to allow extensive customization for any brand.  Contests are included with the TabSite Gold Plan and above, beginning at $15/month. At the Platinum level, all data is captured and exportable for up to 6 months after the Contest ends. Contests are a highly affordable way for businesses to socially engage their community on their Facebook Page. TabSite contests are Facebook compliant.

When using Contests, Facebook Page Admins can easily create and manage user generated Photo contests, Video contests using YouTube or Vimeo, and Essay/Article Submission Contests.  Visitors to the Facebook Page would be able to enter and vote on entries submitted.  Each entry or vote has social sharing options such as Facebook's Like, Send, and Comments, and there are additional social sharing tools empowering those entering and voting to share and virally extend the reach across the web. More Details >>

Content Widget

The Content Widget provides you with a complete WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor which has been the staple tool TabSite is known for from the beginning. This widget allows you to add text, font styles, links, tables, and more. The Content Widget gives you total control over the content in your TabSite custom tabs. At the Gold Plan level, you also get the ability to upload and link to PDF documents/coupons.

Sweepstakes Widget

The Sweepstakes feature, available at Gold & Platinum Plan levels of TabSite, allows you to easily create and run unlimited numbers of Sweepstakes on your fan page. Create your sweepstakes including ability to set a "go-live" time to automatically turn the sweepstakes on/off, build a custom form specific to your needs and language, and customize your message with text, images, and a optional countdown timer. At the Platinum level data is exportable and winners can be generated by the click of a button. Full details >

Video Widget

The Video Widget, available at the Bronze and higher level TabSite Plans, allows you to easily embed YouTube, FLV, and also Vimeo videos! Simply drag the widget onto your tab in the manager, then drop in your embed code and you are done! Drag the widget anywhere on your page, resize with ease, and even consider adding a custom preview image to YouTube and FLV videos to enhance click rates!

YouTube Channel Widget

Drag this widget onto your tab page to easily add your YouTube Channel Videos! This widget allows you to have your most recent video upload featured and then can have thumbnails of the other videos in your channel with title and views. Upon clicking a thumbnail, the video loads on the page. View ours at TabSite Videos on Facebook.

Twitter Widget

With the Twitter Widget, it's as easy as dragging the widget on to your tab, then adding your Twitter Username and we do the rest to pull in your tweets! You can select how many tweets to show, style the text, set link color, add a background, and more! At the Gold level, you can also add the "Tweet" button to your tab, customizing easily to show the tweet count, text to tweet, and url to include.

HotLink Widget

The HotLink Widget (available at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold TabSite Plans) allows you to easily add a transparent box over any image or other widget and make that transparent box a url "hot spot" so users can click and be directed to a url of your choice! Simply drag the HotLink Widget onto your tab in the TabSite manager, position it where you want over the area to be made a linked url, then follow the pop-up prompts to add the destination url and you are done! HotLink makes it easy to map different parts of a large image to specific urls!

SWF Flash Widget

The SWF Flash Widget (available at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold TabSite Plans) allows you to easily embed .swf files into your TabSite to create great interactivity on your tab! Simply drag the SWF Widget onto your tab in the TabSite manager, position it where you want on the page, then follow the pop-up prompts to add your code and you are done! Right click on the widget and select "Edit Element" to edit code and properties. Note the source .swf file must be hosted on a live web server somewhere!

ProductShow Widget

E-Commerce starter! The Product Widget is a great tool to showcase your products (or any collection of images). The widget gives you arrows to advance from product image to product image and you can easily drag the widget to a size and space that fits on your tab just as you want it. Add a link to each image and even add a "Buy Now" button with a url direct to your website shopping cart for ease of purchasing! Customize font color, link color, heading color, background and more! Includes ability to set slideshow to automatically play. For automatic rotation, set widget to "Autoplay" and define the automatic rotation interval in seconds!

E-mail Sign-up Form Widget

Easily add your e-mail list sign-up form to your tab to aid in capturing entries, building your list, and lead captures. Currently we provide integration with Constant Contact, Delivra, and MailChimp. Simply drag the widget to the location you wish on your tab, then add your html code from one of these providers. We also provide links to sign-up for their service.

Countdown Widget

The Countdown widget allows you to add a Countdown timer to your DragNBuild tab. This gives companies an active on tab method to bring attention to the start of a event, promotion, launch, or other activity. The timer is in days, hours, minutes and seconds and the english text can be turned off so that it can be used globally.

Image Widget

The Image Widget allows you to easily drop images onto your tab page and layer them as you wish for design exactness. As well, our new Image Tray at the top of the Manager page gives you easy access to load new images and drag them from the Image Tray onto your tab. Those using Firefox and Chrome also have "Drag to Upload" image capability to more quickly load images to their Image Tray. Existing users will see their existing images already in their Image Tray.

Facebook Social Widgets

The Facebook Widget allows you to drop Facebook's "Like", "Share", "Send","Like Box", "Face Pile" and a "Comments" box easily onto your tab page and customize features such as show faces, share a specific image, comment on specific urls (i.e. your custom tab or a blog post) and more! Add multiple Facebook tools to your page and greatly enhance social sharing!

Google +1 Widget

The Google +1 widget allows you to add a +1 button to your fan page and customize the url you want to "Plus one", enabling visitors to easily socially share to their Google Plus network. Increase viral sharing by integrating the Google Plus 1 widget. Available to all Gold Plan users. More details here!

RSS Widget

Drag this widget onto your tab page to easily add any RSS feed! You can choose from 3 RSS layouts (full posts, partial posts, etc.), number of posts to display, and customize the background, text colors, link colors, and more! Add your blog RSS feed and any other RSS feed such as your Flickr Gallery or EventBrite event listing. See it in action!

PhotoShow Widget

Add image slideshows easily within your tab. Add up to 30 image per slideshow. Each image can have a url link tied to it and we automatically give you forward/back arrows for users to use to move among the pictures. Showcase photography, your facility, your staff, your products or anything else! Includes options for manual and automatic playing. For automatic rotation, set to "Autoplay" and define the automatic rotation interval in seconds!

VideoShow Widget

The VideoShow widget provides the ability to add a series of YouTube videos in a slideshow format to your page. There is the ability to have an unlimited number of YouTube videos, descriptions for each, Facebook Share features, and on-page playing of the video. This allows you to conserve space while still having multiple videos accessible, and gives users the ability to scroll through and then play the video of choice. Additionally, you can set the videos to automatically advance at a set rotation interval! Perfect for a showcase of your best videos in a visually attractive format! See more details >>

Form Builder Widget

The Form Widget is a simple but powerful form builder that is configurable, allowing you to build a updateable form with text or comment fields. You control the field names and the e-mail address submissions will go to. Use as a contact form or as a way for visitors to enter for contests and giveaways. You can customize the field width, field names, number of fields, font color and background color of the form! At the Platinum level the data is stored and exportable.

Code Widget

The TabSite Code Widget, available to Gold Plan users, enables users to easily embed custom code that you create or code that is provided by others such as Flickr Slideshows, Google Maps, UStream TV and more! This is a powerful widget giving you full customization capabilities.

Google Map Widget

The TabSite Google Map Widget, available to all users, enables fan page Admins to easily add a Google Map to their Fan Page tab and add their business / organization location on the map. The Map comes with the ability to add one location and to add information to the Info Window that opens when users click on the Map Icon. See more details here: Google Map Widget

iFrame Widget

The iFrame widget allows you to add easily add outside web content to your fan page by simply adding the url of that site. The widget pulls in your content sized as it comes from the source site. Have a mobile site? Add it to your fan page for visitors to navigate by simply adding the url. See it in action here: TabSite website on Facebook.

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