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Diana Doherty, RHN, CR, CYI, Your Wellness Coach


Registered Holistic Nutritional Practitioner, Certified in Reflexology and Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor,

I combine knowledge with wisdom finding the root cause of your health imbalances treating the whole person rather than the symptom reaching optimum health. 

Do you suffer with knee, neck, elbow or shoulder pain?  Reflexology, pressure point relief treatment will revitalize your body ~ Reflexology

Crave salt or sweet foods, excessive fatigue and exhaustion, gain weight around the middle?  Take a Stress Quiz. Test your level of stress; see how it affects your health ~ Holistic Nutrition 

Have range of motion difficulties, a sports injury or need stress relief.  Whatever your specific or persistent health problem; yoga therapy rebuilds and rebalances the body, mind and spirit ~ Yoga

Your Wellness Coach ~ Using Nutrition, Relaxation and Exercise techniques a holistic approach to a healthier mind, body and spirit! Stress is a killer! Learn to defend against it.  I coach employees, groups and individuals with powerful “how to” skills for stress, tension control and nutrition habits and more.

Lunch'n Learn, Let's Talk Nutrition Seminars, It's Yoga Time Classes, Body Maintenance Check, Private Treatments and Instruction, Workshops.  Your well being is important. Stay healthy, be happy.  (902) 237-7006


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