Key Features of the TabSite Agency Plan:

  • All apps added within the Small Agency white label platform have access to all our available Apps and platform tools. This includes contests, templates, sweepstakes, Pinterest, Group Deal, Share Deal and more.
  • Any new Apps TabSite adds in the future to the platform are automatically added to the Small Agency Manager.
  • The Small Agency plan allows one app to be deployed on multiple Facebook pages and/or websites. So it is possible to run one unified photo contest on four different Facebook Pages and 5 websites at the same time.
  • Mobile Ready Smart URL- Mobile friendly app urls for Facebook can be generated for any app, enabling the app content to be viewed on desktop or mobile devices via this smart url. This includes ability for mobile users to enter contests, access deals, and submit photos to photo contests on Facebook.
  • Create Templates for Users: Small Agency Owners and Admins can create design templates in the drag-n-build system and then assign access to that template(s) to anyone they wish in the Small Agency system. This enables Small Agency system owners to offer design services and template creation and allow access on a per user basis in system. Great for custom franchise templates offered to specific users and more.
  • We host the platform on our SSL secure servers. We use a generic domain with private registration to deliver the content to fan pages.
  • You choose a subdomain name for your Small Agency white label account login such as** that you can use. (** is not the domain). This is used only for login.
  • There are no ads on any apps period. No references to TabSite.
  • Landing Pages for driving leads can be created for any app. Each landing page can have a unique URL that is based on our generic main domain such as www.ourgenericdomain/company/landingpage1. (example)
  • WebSites (810 wide published to web, formerly called MicroSites) are included. Each WebSite url would be similar to
  • Please note that this is the standard, pure Small Agency white label service offering that has no e-commerce function. You can create client accounts and give them access to add pages and apps. You can specify limits on both number of pages and number of apps they can add. You can then simply bill them through your normal billing system.
  • Custom Login Page: Your Small Agency white label url directs to a login page. You can upload a customized image to this login page to reflect your brand.
  • Small Agency Admins: This features allows the owner ability to add additional Small Agency Admins (for your team members) who then have full, overall access to the system and all your apps, fan pages managed, client apps, client users, controls, etc).
  • Add Clients as Small Agency Users: This user level has less power and access than Small Agency Admins. Small Agency User accounts can be can be created for each client, as needed, so clients can add their Facebook Pages / website domains and manage content on those apps. They can also add their own team members to manage their apps.
  • Important: You can set per User limits. So, Small Agency User accounts can be set to limit the maximum number of Facebook Pages / website domains they can add and number of apps they can add. They are alerted when they have reached their maximum.
  • Migrate Plan Accounts from TabSite: After a company has activated their Small Agency system, within it they can select to migrate any Plans from TabSite and the apps that were connected to it to the Small Agency system. This would end the TabSite subscription that was in place for that fan page as it then becomes part of the Small Agency system.
  • There is a Account Admin area in the Manager only visible to you as Small Agency owner which enables easy client management and overview of the Accounts and Apps in your system. This area outlines all Apps used (including number), Small Agency Admins you have created, Small Agency Users created, and ability to add/edit/delete others.
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*The base monthly cost is $149.95 for 20 apps. Every app above the base 20 apps is $5/app. It is counted to your quota above 20 apps in any given month if it exists in the manager for 24 hours after creation (via manager). Further Questions? We'd be glad to answer them! Simply submit a support request here.