Friend Share is a powerful social sharing tool that lets visitors access their Facebook Friend List and share a message on the Timeline of the speciļ¬c friends they select.

Users can add a custom image or infographic on the app to promote a Product, Event, Service, Infographic, upcoming Sweepstakes, etc, the uses are endless! Simply add the app to your Facebook Page and/or your website. Customize the instructions to any language.

Admins can customize the recommended "Friend Share" message that fans will share with their friends, and customize the instructions to ANY LANGUAGE.

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Friend Share App Features
Easily add an image for visitors to share with friends!
Backlink You Website!
Choose an optional destination URL for the image.
Share a simple title and description of your deal!
Deploy to a Website or Facebook Page!
Great Way to Create Viral Engagement!
Limitless Sharing!
Visitors can come back and share as many times as they wish.