The Instagram Photo Contest App is designed to help social marketers empower their mobile toting fans and site visitors to participate in an Instagram Photo Contests hosted on their Website, Facebook Page or both.

With the marriage (acquisition) of Instagram by Facebook, the Instagram mobile app has gained new clout and status as a social sharing tool.  The fact that it integrates easy cross posting of Instagram images to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr certainly only helps as well!

Now Facebook marketers can capitalize on this fast growing social media tool by hosting Instagram Photo Contests!

Admins can setup an Instagram Photo Contest on a website, Facebook Page tab or both. The Instagram Photo Contest is also viewable on mobile devices.  Visitors will enter the photo contest by submitting a photo to Instagram with the designated hashtag in the image description.  The TabSite Admin sets this hashtag during easy setup process.

The TabSite Instagram App will pull in all images for the hashtag from Instagram within the date range specified in the contest settings and visitors can then vote for their favorite entry.  Perfect for the mobile savvy social community, this app enables TabSite Admins to capitalize on the use of Instagram and the power of visual marketing for their contest.

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Instagram Photo Contest App Features
TabSite Admins set Instagram hashtag used for the entering the Contest.
Images with the hashtag are included by a date range set by the Admin.
Like all TabSite apps, there is ability to customize to any language.
Admins have the option to pre-approve all entries before they are live.
There is ability to setup a pre-contest countdown and post-contest display of winner(s).
Ability to add a Like Gate to ensure a Facebook Like of the Page in order to be able to vote
Social Sharing tools to enable entrants and voters to spread the message of their favorite entry to Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.
Ability to view all voters and export contest vote data via csv file.
Works great on Website, Facebook Page and Mobile devices.