The PhotoShow Engagement App allows you to add an image slideshow to a tab on your fan page. Create a full slideshow of images on your tab to give viewers a great presentation on your products, services, team, events, and more!
The slideshow can be set to advance upon click or autoplay based on setting seconds to display between views. Each image can link to a unique url. As with all Engagement Apps, social sharing tools are built in to help fans spread the message via "Liking", "Sharing", Tweeting, and more!
Slide 1 Image
Slide 2 Image
Slide 3 Image
PhotoShow App Features
Ability to add multiple images to create a beautiful slideshow of images.
Set the images to automatically begin rotating or set for manual rotation.
Customize your Social Sharing messages to help fans spread your link via social media.
Ability to Pin (Pinterest) each image in the slideshow!
Works great on mobile devices!
Choose to show or not show image thumbnails.