Create reviews your business, products and more.  Call it "Testimonials" and enable fans & site visitors to add their feedback!

The Social Review app allows Admins to setup an area where visitors can give input.   Admins can select to have one comment stream, or to add multiple areas, each with it's own unique stream of comments.

Some brands have used the Social Review app to get input on possible new logos, new products, or input on specific store location customer service.

The Social Review tab offers many uses such as:
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Feedback
  • Opinions
  • An additional line of customer service
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Social Review App Features
Pre-Approve entries before they go live!
Great for engaging your page visitors and fans!
Allow visitors to sign-in to comment via Facebook!
Send comment notifications to a specific email address!
Easy to share social sharing options!
Customize for your language!