The Sweepstakes App, allows you to easily create and run a Sweepstakes on a website, mobile device or Facebook Page. Create your sweepstakes including ability to set a "go-live" time to automatically turn the sweepstakes on/off, build a custom form specific to your needs and language, and customize your message with text, images, and an optional countdown timer. Features include ability to have multiple winners selected, exporting of data.

Have visitors and fans enter for a chance to win!

Keep them coming back with weekly or regular giveaways.

Sweepstakes allow visitors to submit entries during a promotional time period.  Each entry is e-mailed to you.  From the entries you can pick a winner.  Platinum users can view/capture/export data and use the system tools to randomly select up to 5 winners.

Easily manage your sweepstakes promotion!
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Grow your email list with sweepstakes!
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Sweepstakes App Features
Set the "Go-Live" Date and End Date!
Pre-Sweepstakes custom messages!
Sweepstakes Form Builder to create the exact form fields you need!
No TabSite branding!
Capture, view, and export all entry information!
Randomly select one or multiple winners!