10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes

10 common blog writing mistakes

Excellent writing is vital for any businesses, and especially for their marketing efforts. Here an awesome infographic from GrammarCheck.com. I love this cheat sheet!

Homonym errors – improper usage of words that sound similar, but have different meanings

Incorrect tenses

  • Narratives should be written in the past tense
  • Statements about stories, movies, and/or books should be written in present tense

Pronoun – noun disagreement

  • Singular nouns should be used with singular pronouns
  • Plural nouns should be used with plural pronouns

Forgotten (or misplaced) apostrophes

Apostrophes should be used to:

  • Create the possessive form of nouns
  • Replace deleted letters or numbers

Informal writing

The language used when speaking is far different that language used when writing. Speech is informal while writing is formal.


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