10 Hot Tips for Power Social Media Users

social media users

This infographic comes to us from the new book “The Art of Social Media” by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick.

Peg is a friend of mine and I’ve interviewed her on my podcast, the Halftime Mike Podcast. She is a wizard with visuals and is happy to share actions you can implement which will take your social media visuals to the next level.


Visuals in social media matter so much!  They communicate faster, better, and more deeply than many lines of text.  Need more on this? You can hear my podcast interview here: “Visuals in Social and Online Media: What You Must Do“.

Here’s the top 10 list … starting at 10 & working our way to #1.

10.  Test everything – Have fun, go crazy to see what work and what doesn’t work for your specific audience.

9. Be trendy – Highjack the news, use hashtags and celebrate holidays. In other words, use today’s common search terms to your advantage.

8. Share great content, even if it’s someone else’s. Hopefully they will reciprocate.

7. Think about what the audience wants … your content needs to be informative, entertaining or interesting. Will it pass the resharing test?

6. Answer questions. I find this to be a key piece of strategy. If you have a customer or potential customer asking questions about your product or service, answer the question on social media. Chances are they weren’t the only one with the question.

5. Be positive – 🙂 As Peg says, “Save the drama for your Mama.” Be uplifting, no one likes a Debbie Downer.

4. Share all of you. Don’t just share your product or service, share your life, your family, your charities and hobbies. People love to see the real you and they’ll connect with you on a deeper level.

3. Content, content, content. Don’t just post your own content, curate high quality content that interest you or you think would benefit your customers.

2. Be consistent with your profiles, bios and pictures. Use the same picture and username across all your social media channels so people will recognize you and can mention you easily.

1. Optimize your profile! Use an image that is congruent with your position or title or business. Use a profile picture that lets people know you’re approachable. Use a quality image so that people know you are a quality person and do quality work. Use keywords in your profile. Find out what phrases people are searching on to find your product or service and then use they frequently throughout your profile.

social media users


Interested in the book?  I highly recommend it to you!  Get it on Amazon.com.


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