10 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Shares

10 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Shares 315

Are you frustrated with your Facebook page engagement results? Most small business owners are scratching their heads, wondering what to do to improve engagement on their Facebook pages.

If your page has thousands of followers but a single post typically gets a couple of shares, you need to do more to improve engagement. Below are 10 tips you can implement to boost your Facebook shares.

1. Post Interesting Content

If you’re simply posting content for the sake of it, good luck getting any shares. Post interesting content. No one wants to be the one sharing boring content. Moreover, Facebook’s algorithm determines what people see on their newsfeeds. If your content is boring, engagement will be nil.

2. Post Content that Resonates With Your Fans

Understand your audience and what makes them tick. Find out how your fans feel about specific topics. One mistake most businesses make is posting controversial content to get engagement. However, if fans don’t resonate with the content, you won’t convert any of them to customers. Even worse, you’ll lose some of them.

3. Proper Timing is Critical

It’s important to know the time the majority of your audience is online. The best time to post content is between 8am – 9am and 5pm – 8pm local time. If you post in the middle of the day, people may be busy at work or school, and engagement will be low. Check Facebook Insights to know the best times to post.

4. Go Easy on Posting

Posting frequently helps your followers keep up with your brand. However, if you are posting too frequently, you’re likely to bore your audience. The last thing fans want is their newsfeed splashed with updates from your page. Go easy on posting and keep updates to a maximum of three a day.

5. Avoid Being Too Niche

Your content should appeal to the majority of your audience. Avoid topics that are too niche as they will dilute your page’s visibility. The Facebook algorithm shows content based on the engagement generated. Content that does not generate engagement is filtered out from newsfeeds.

6. Define Your Target Audience

Make sure you define your page’s target audience to improve the likelihood of generating engagement from your posts. When your audience sees posts they’ are interested in, they’ll like or share them. Make sure the content you post is entertaining or helps improve the life of your followers.

7. Build Your Facebook Page Following

Sometimes, engagement may be low for one simple reason: there aren’t enough eyeballs on a post. This usually happens when your page has a small following. Rather than post continuously and hope for more engagement, focus on increasing your page’s followers first.

8. Post Unique and Diverse Content

Your content should be diverse to encourage engagement. Different types of content will elicit various reactions from your followers. Experiment with various types of content such as video, text posts, and images and check their engagement

9. Check Your Posting Days

Know which days your audience is active on Facebook and post content then. Depending on your business, you may find the majority of your fans are not active during the weekends. If this is so, any content posted during the weekend will result in a low number of shares.

10. Be the First to Share

No one wants to share outdated info or info that’s already been shared. Be proactive in looking for content that will excite your audience and be the first one to share.

Which strategies have you found effective in improving your Facebook shares?

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