12 Benefits of Influencer Marketing that Every Brand Should Know


Every brand should know the benefits of influencer marketing. The market value for influencer marketing is set to surpass $13.8 billion in 2021. Furthermore, 75% of organizations are keen to leverage influencers to expand their reach and win customers’ hearts this year. This would represent a 50% plus jump over last year’s figure ($6.5 billion). Influencers alone will take home over $3 billion from the marketing campaigns.

So, the big question is – should you jump on the bandwagon? Influencer marketing can be expensive, and you have to be spot-on to generate the desired returns. Would it be worthwhile, nonetheless? The experts say – yes! Here’s why;

1. It boosts brand awareness

Influencer marketing is considered one of the most effective strategies for boosting brand awareness in the digital economy. For example, a single post by an influencer on, say, Instagram, can put your ad or brand in front of millions of new eyes – often in new markets.

2. Boosts credibility and trust

Followers idolize their heroes. Just as foot soldiers follow their leaders to battle, so do social media followers who see celebrities. An endorsement by a celebrity sways the opinions of their followers instantly. It’s the perfect way to earn new customers.

3. It can help you reach your target audience

4. Can increase brand conversions

 5. Boosts SEO performance and search ranking

Check out the America Noize post, which includes a resourceful infographic, to discover seven other benefits of influencer marketing.

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