20 Creative Ways to Use Images on Facebook

social brand development pam marketing nutImages matter.

In social media, visual imagery captures attention, communicates more, and inspires engagement.  Does the orange stand out?

On Facebook, Images really matter.

HubSpot’s research noted that photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes and 104% more comments than the average post.


This is great news that any business on Facebook needs to be aware of.  However, it also introduces a whole new question:  How can I use images in my Facebook marketing?

You need to think outside-the-box!  Let’s go through 20 ways you can use images on Facebook.

20 Creative Ways to Use Images on Facebook

1. Take them behind the scenes

Most of your customers only see the final product when they shop in your store or order online.

Give fans a peek behind the curtains with images that show elements of the work that goes into the products you sell and the services you provide.  You could show images of early designs, a view of the manufacturing plant floor, the team of final inspectors, or even your company pet!

2. Spark a conversation

Any time you can, look for ways to engage your fans in a conversation. You can use an image with a question or captivating scene to catch their attention and encourage a response!

Simply put, a image in the news feed with simple question stands out much more than a text statement with the same message.

3. Offer a Promotionlarue-chick-boutique

Look for opportunities to get beyond text-only posts.

You can run contests in the News Feed (see Timeline Contests), so consider a great image with a special offer discount on it that one lucky person can win via a random drawing of those that Like or Comment on the post.

4. Spotlight your customers

Celebrating your customers builds a stronger connection, showcasing how business is still about people and relationships,  and it markets your products and services at the same time. You can also tag your customers in your photos and thank them for stopping by.

5. Show yourself doing what you love

One of the things that makes small businesses unique is the owner/operator/team passion at work.

Show images of you in action doing what you love!  Speaking at an event?  Post photos!  Use photos to show your passion and  your team engaged whenever you can.

6. Celebrate a milestonenavy2

When you achieve a milestone for your business or organization, you know that your customers played an important role in helping you get there. Let them join in on the celebration by sharing an image that celebrates your success.

7. Show fans what they missed

Did you have a special event, sale, or open house?  Next time you have an event, make sure to take plenty of photos. You can then share those photos on Facebook and give attendees the opportunity to tag themselves after the event.

For people who missed the event, photos offer a big incentive to put future events on their calendar.

8. Share some Tips

You know your product inside and out.  New customers don’t. Show them quick tips via images that link to blog posts with “How To’s” that can be of value.  You’d be surprised what can “blow the mind” of your customer, things you take for granted that they hadn’t thought of!

9. Get people excited for the future

As a business owner, you’re always looking towards the future. Make sure your customers are too! By getting people excited today with image glimpses or momentum builders, you’ll have more chances to grow your business tomorrow.

10. Showcase your Team

Is your team performing well? Do they have special gifts you can showcase (they don’t even need to be related to your business!)?  If Todd your company designer is a great classical drummer, how about a image of Todd from his most recent band gig with a little story about how he keeps the creative juices within himself flowing?  That’s a great human interest piece that helps people connect with your company and team.

m2issed-shots-square11. Share your favorite quotes

People love quotes that inspire them and catch their attention.

Use a free app on your phone to add text to images, or simply use PowerPoint templates and text, then export the slides as images to create quotables your fans can engage with and share with their friends.

12. Showcase Blog Posts via a Image

This can be done simply by creating a nice image optimized for Facebook’s News Feed that you place IN YOUR BLOG POST!  Yes, create a image that captures the inspiring essence of your blog post, say 600 px wide x 400 px high, load to your blog as the Featured Image and/or top image in the post, then share the blog post link on Facebook and select that image from the options they give you.

13. Support Other Businesses

If you run a small business, you know how important the support of others can be.

Look for opportunities to build relationships with partners or non-profits and then showcase them to your own network of fans.  That goodwill can go a long way and come back around to you!

14. Give fans a glimpse of the past

Do you have your photos of your first prototype or the first office?

Every business has a unique history and a story fans will appreciate.  Sharing old photos tells your business’s story and gives people a glimpse into how you’ve grown and developed.

15. Make people drool


If you’re a coffee shop, restaurant, bakery, or diner, using pictures to show off all of the great stuff coming out of your kitchen is a sure way to boost engagement. Need inspiration?  Check out what Starbucks does on their Facebook page.  They are good at it!

Even if you’re not in the food industry, the idea here is to make sure to choose photos that showcase your products in use and in action!

16. Inspire your fans

Everyone can use a little motivation, especially on Monday mornings. Look to create images that inspire your audience and encourage them to get the most from their day.

17. Have some fun

Don’t forget, Facebook is supposed to be fun for you and more importantly for your customers. A “caption this” or “fill in the blank” contest are both great ways to engage your fans and have some fun in the process.

18. Incorporate current events

Capitalize on opportunities in the news that are great stories.  Is your favorite team headed to the Superbowl?  Don’t be afraid to get in on the anticipation.  Yes, there are polarizing topics you may want to stay away from but current events via a timely photo can be a great way to boost engagement on your Facebook Page.

19. Help support a good cause

Something near and dear to you that can show your heart and compassion for others can be a good connecting point.   An image that shows what you or your company supports can be a win that inspires loyalty.  Go easy on the request for funds to support your charity but showcase their fabulous work and it’s even better if your team is shown volunteering or supporting at events!

20. Say thank you

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple “thank you.”

Add a photo of your staff to provide a more personal touch.  Saying thanks at “year-end” or after a milestone is a great way to connect with your social community.

Have you noticed a theme?  It’s about connecting.  Visually connecting.  People do business with people.  People and pets and personal connecting can really go a long way in engaging your fans on Facebook.

The more they engage, the more of your future posts, including offers, they see.  

So be creative!


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Mike Gingerich, President of Digital Hill & TabSite is a business blogger Marketer and Consultant. Part geek, part marketer, part strategist, total fitness and running junkie. Mike is an author and speaker, having presented at Social Media Week Lima, Social Media Camp (Canada) and more. Mike is a marketing, social media, and business startup enthusiast with 10+ years experience building apps, consulting, and training businesses with winning integrated strategies. Mike loves deploying tactics to increase awareness, sales, and maximize ROI in both B2B and B2C markets via digital media.

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  1. This is great, Mike. However, I have found that Facebook does not accept ads that are like the Larue Chic Boutique ad example in Tip #3. There is way too much text in that ad. My client’s site was cut off from running ads because of ads like that – even ads we did not pay to promote. Any thoughts on this?

  2. Awesome article Mike. You have listed a brilliant list of tips about using images in Facebook post and it is already stated by experts and analyzed in Facebook insights that photos get more engagement than text. I give a thumb up to it.

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