20 Ways To Do Local Social Media Marketing on a Budget [Infographic]

20 Ways To Do Local Social Media Marketing on a Budget - 315(1)

Inspired by my friend Christian Karasiewicz at Social Chefs blog post “20 Ways to Do Local Social Media on a Budget” I created this infographic to illustrate his points.

Create Contests for Followers

Give followers a way to engage with a brand. They’ll be personally invested in winning and this will create repeat visitors. While any contest will bring some level of engagement, giving away bigger prizes, or making it simple for followers to participate, can help expand a business’ online footprint.

An example of this might include giving away a $100 gift certificate for your product to a random person who likes/shares a specific Facebook post or retweets a tweet from a Twitter account.

Take Realistic Pictures

Not every photo needs to be professionally shot and edited to make a big impact. Followers, especially local followers, are drawn to genuine images.

Take photos with a simple phone camera and post without retouching. This practice is authentic and leads to more engagement. Additionally, taking pictures with a smartphone costs nothing. Professional photographs can cost hundreds of dollars and take time before they’re ready for publishing.

Share Content to Groups

The ability to share content to groups is a powerful tool that costs nothing and can expose a business to a large number of people.

Usually, this is as simple as choosing the “Share” option on a Facebook post. But use this in moderation. Constantly sharing everything to every group can result in your posts being deleted or marked spam.

Thanks, Christian! As always this is brilliant. Keep up the good work!

20 ways to do local social media marketing on a budget


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