2020 Influencer Marketing Trends [Infographic]


The last few years have seen influencer marketing grow from beginnings to powerful. Social media influencers gain attention through relatable entertaining, sensational, or educational content. Brands yearning for social media attention partner with influencers to build campaigns aimed at raising them to a grander scale and consequently increase conversions. Some of the 2020 influencer marketing trends include:

Adopting a storytelling tactic

By telling a story embodying human challenges, one is able to create an experience resonating with his/her customers. An influencer can help in marketing by showing his/her audiences how a product or service aided in solving a problem he/she faced. Influencers usually share most of their personal lives with their audiences, and when they tell of how a brand fits into their lives, their audiences and potential buyers are able to see real-life proof.

Video content

Influencers utilize a wide range of various video strategies. They engage their followers through how-to-videos, product reviews, and live streams. Such strategies allow influencers to broadcast your product or talk about it while capitalizing on visual appeal. Through using an influencer video content strategy, producers are able to engage consumers and also relay information regarding their brands.

Like various other marketing strategies, influencer marketing continues to evolve. One thing that is likely to beat the odds of time is a trustworthy outside voice. A reputable influencer will see brands drive a greater volume of conversions to their business. One type of influencer is a digital nomad that travels and works and can represent various products or services.

Check out the infographic from Dot Com Infoway to see more trends of influencer marketing in 2020 to generate more conversions.


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