27 Time-saving Blogging Tools for a Supreme Content Marketing Strategy in 2022

Time-saving-Blogging-Tools infographic.

Blogging is the key to successful content marketing. Indeed, data from SEMRush indicates that blogging is more important to content marketers now than ever before. So there’s a definite need for time-saving blogging tools.

Unfortunately, blogging is not that easy. The SEMRush study finds that bloggers and content marketers spend more resources and time on blogging than ever. Targeting, scheduling, and promotions are especially massive challenges.

The guys at Red Website Design have been brainstorming solutions to these issues and recently compiled 27 time-saving tools to help you build a better and more valuable blog.

Time-saving Blogging Tools by Category

  • Brainstorming tools
  • Writing and note-taking tools
  • SEO and content optimization tools
  • Visual design tools
  • Promotion and scheduling tools
  • Organizational tools
  • Analytics and tracking tools

Each category of tools addresses a unique blogging need. Furthermore, an even better part is that you get up to four different tools per category. Moreover, you get professional advice on how to best use each tool.

Best Brainstorming Tools

  • Answer The Public: Best for finding questions your audience is asking.
  • Google Trends: Best for identifying trending blogging topics in your industry.
  • Buzzsumo: Best for discovering content with the highest engagement potential.
  • Ahrefs: Ideal for primary and long-tail keyword research and optimization.

Check out the infographic. It can help determine if some of the tools can help take your blogging campaign to the next level.


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