3 eCommerce Trends for Late 2020

3 eCommerce Trends

2020 has already been one of the most significant years for eCommerce. As governments around the world ordered traditional, non-essential shops to close their doors for months; online stores have become the only place to get a huge number of products. While many shops start to reopen, the effects of the pandemic will still be felt throughout the rest of 2020. Here are three of the significant eCommerce trends to look out for towards the end of this year and into 2021.

Mobile even when we’re not mobile

One of the most surprising headlines is that despite more people being forced to stay at home, more are continuing to use mobile devices to buy online. A study has found that mobile devices will be used to make over 70 percent of e-commerce transactions across the world by the end of the year.

Making sure your website is accessible on mobile devices has become more critical than ever. For many, the only access they would have had to a traditional desktop computer would be at their office. While working from home, many laptops may have been repurposed to complete tasks for work. Therefore they are less likely to be used for shopping.

This eCommerce trend will see even more brands turning to systems like Magento to power their websites. This open-source software allows developers to design a website that can adapt itself to the smaller screen. Developers with experience in this system that is ever-growing in popularity, including Magento developer London who have over 10 years of experience, will continue to be in high demand. Due to the entirely customizable nature of this product, businesses will need to employ experts to get the full use out of Magento.

Small business takes center stage

Small businesses across the globe have taken a big hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many have gone out of business. Many more are struggling to recover from the loss of revenue due to having shut up their shops. Now more than ever, customers realize that they must use their small businesses or risk losing them forever. Celebrities are also turning their backs on big brands. Many are instead using their social media platforms to encourage their fans to buy from small businesses. Recently Beyoncé curated a list of small black-owned companies and released it alongside her new single to help encourage sales. This is one of the new eCommerce trends, alongside the limitations of physical contact due to coronavirus, that has seen lots more businesses choose to sell online.

Environmental responsibility

While on the backburner due to the global pandemic, it is still a big issue for people buying online. Customers want to see that businesses are using less single-use materials such as plastics. And doing more to reduce their carbon footprint. This has seen many brands dedicate whole sections of their website to explain the steps they’re taking to become more environmentally friendly. We’ll likely see many more site redesigned to make this information prominent on their pages before the end of 2020.

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