3 Reasons to Use Both Traditional and Online Marketing Methods

 Use Both Traditional and Online Marketing Methods

It is a good idea to push the boat out and get the best of both worlds. This is especially true when it comes to online and traditional marketing methods.

Not everyone is the same, and we all react differently to different situations. This includes our reaction to different types of sales techniques. For some people, going into a store and talking to a sales representative is the right way to go about buying a medium or big label product, while others are more likely to run away and prefer to do their research online without having to pay a sales representative their commission.

Sales letters, whether given out in a mailing or via email, can work very well for selling to some people. However, others do not get affected by the urgency implied in the copy and will not act in order to buy. However, some businesses find these a very good way of making additional sales.

Enhancing your business profile in your local area

By using the more traditional marketing method of promotional stalls at fetes or outside local shops, you can give out leaflets or flyers or even swag items such as custom water bottles to members of the public who happen to pass by, or as a gift for gaining their contact details for your mailing lists. These have the effect of having your logo in the public eye on an item that reduces plastic.

This is a great way of getting attention as everybody enjoys a freebie. Plus, if you are wise about the information you have put on your swag items, then you should be able to get the desired response. You could also have members of your sales team playing the part of sales representatives to anyone who shows interest and enquires about what you are offering. Therefore you can gain some extra customers this way. Maybe even by offering them another swag item for their first purchase.

You might think making your business more visible in your local area to be easy. But, it does not always follow that it is. You can put leaflets or flyers in people’s mailboxes, posters in shop windows, and advertise in the local papers. Or, combine both traditional and online marketing by using email lists. The more well established your business is, the better your mailing list should be.

It is a good point to have customers on your doorstep, as this will save time and money when it comes to shipping out products, and if you are careful about your reputation, your business will flourish in your local area.

Capture customers of all ages and backgrounds

By using both traditional and online marketing methods, you can catch customers of all ages and backgrounds. Quite a lot of the older generation do not use social media or the internet like the younger generations do. So by doing both, you are going to potentially get in front of more people. Therefore, you are likely to catch more customers for your business.

You may also find that there are still a few people out there who do not have access to the internet, so by sticking to only using online marketing, you are alienating these people.

Gaining worldwide customers

By using all the online marketing methods available, you are potentially opening your business to customers all over the world. Therefore, you have the potential to grow your business and expand your customer base exponentially.

There are factors that you will have to take into account before you take this route. These are getting your website up to date and easy to navigate, and totally user friendly to all regardless of where they come from, how much knowledge they may have, and whether they can actually speak the same language as you.

Having an overly technically worded website full of jargon can be a nightmare to those who may need to translate it in order to read and order products. So, you may find that you lose these potential customers before they have even had a decent experience of the services and products you have to offer.