3 Ways to use Brand VidMaker in Video Marketing to Create Urgency


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How to Use Brand VidMaker in Marketing Company Products

3 Ways Brand VidMaker “Video” Advertising Creates Urgency

Video advertising has the power to move viewers to make quick buying decisions. There are so many forms of advertising out there, and yet, the visual and video medium can particularly grab viewer attention and ultimately encourage customers to open their wallets and purchase.

Brand VidMaker is a TabSite tool that allows companies, through images and text slides, to build a short, impactful video about a product or service.  It enables companies to tell a products’ unique story.

Brand VidMaker allows Page Admins to draw in potential consumers into your world and make them “desire” what you have to offer.  After the video is created, you can then post it to the company News Feed on Facebook, add it to a TabSite tab on the Facebook Page, and you have the ability to get the embed code and add the created video right to your website or blog! Brand VidMaker allows users to create a powerful video piece that can highlight one’s company products/services quickly, easily, and effectively.


The following points highlight three areas that TabSite’s Video Advertising app, Brand VidMaker, allows companies to capture and incorporate in their business social media presence:

1.       Brand VidMaker can help to visually provide information on your product/service which leads to acquiring knowledge, which in turn leads to educated decision making.

As is often said, “knowledge is power,” and Brand VidMaker assists with this. If your product or service has a unique selling point, then showcase this and elevate your product above competitors. Customers care about features, and advantages that those features offer.  As well, they care about benefits! Brand VidMaker videos published to Facebook can show this in a way that reading about it alone just can’t capture.


2.       Brand VidMaker videos sell the sizzle!

Brand VidMaker videos can propel potential customers to want to “experience” your product/service. Not all selling points about a product can be fully absorbed through reading a product spec sheet on the web. You can “know” about a certain steak cut-it’s weight and grade-and still not really be able to appreciate how amazing it is until you hear the sizzle of the steak on the grill. Brand VidMaker allows you to not just inform through “facts”, but also to play off of the emotional element of your product/service and engage the consumer.


3.       Brand VidMaker video gives your business a very cost-effective video tool that otherwise would only be accessible through expensive software and videographers.

Have you ever noticed small mom and pop shops that advertise in the newspaper, and have 5 or 6 regional phone numbers? Why do they do this? It allows them to be viewed as large and local to that customer, thereby extending their business reach. Brand VidMaker videos can have the same effect. When a video is put together and posted on Facebook, and on your website, it gives you a branding piece that until now was only affordable by larger companies.

The quality of video that is produced through Brand VidMaker is proportional to the effort placed in creating the image slides.  Use your best product images already developed for your web presence to create a custom video that gives your brand a boost.  Brand VidMaker helps companies compete and gain an edge in today’s competitive global market.

By Jeff Petermann


Brand VidMaker by TabSite is available at the Platinum Plan level.

Try a 14 Day Free Platinum Trial for your Facebook Page today!





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