4 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media in Recruiting

How's your hiring going? Needing more candidates? Reach them where they are! Here's 4 Reasons you should be using social media in recruiting

Today, social media isn’t just used to stay in touch with friends. It also offers several other benefits for marketing and recruitment purposes.

Companies often struggle to find the very best candidates. However, 90% of businesses are now choosing to use social media as part of their hiring process to seek out the best talent and hire candidates that are best-suited to the job roles available.

Recruiters can use social media in a variety of ways within recruitment, from saving money within the job hunt to conducting background checks on potential candidates.

If you are looking to use social media within your business for the recruitment process, here are 4 reasons why it is a beneficial option.

  • It’s cost-effective

All businesses aim to slash costs where possible, and social media could save you a vast amount on recruitment expenses. For the most part, it will be free of charge, but in other cases, you may decide to spend a small amount on advertising if you feel it is necessary. In comparison, however, this is nowhere near as expensive as job fairs, newspaper advertisements, and online job boards. Therefore, you should try using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to start with and aim to find your ideal candidate.

  • Higher-quality talent

Candidates who are frequent users of social media are likely to be much more up to date with current trends and are also technologically minded, which makes them extremely employable. If you find they are present on several social media sites, they are likely to spend a lot of their spare time online. Employers can then also detect and contact passive candidates based on their listed qualifications and skillsets on professional sites such as LinkedIn.

As there are a vast amount of companies on the lookout to discover suitable passive candidates, you must promote your company in the best light and mention the benefits you offer to your employees. Feel free to answer any questions they may have about holiday, rewards, and additional factors such as ASO versus PEO. This expert knowledge and incentives could make all the difference in persuading the candidate to leave their current job and develop a trusting relationship with you.

  • Shortens the hiring process

The hiring process can be extremely drawn-out, especially when the time comes to read through hundreds of applications, waiting for the right candidate to apply. As an alternative, social media is much more direct and helps you hire employees in a shorter time frame with minimal effort.

The process is as simple as sending them a direct message and waiting on their response. It also allows you to find out more about whether they are a suitable fit for the job and company, based on their interests, work habits, and values.

  • You get an all-round view of the candidate

When candidates apply for jobs in the traditional sense, it can be difficult to know who is really behind the resume. One of the beneficial aspects of social media within recruiting is that it gives you an all-round view of the candidate before asking them to attend an interview. Nowadays, 70% of employers browse through a candidate’s social media profiles.

According to a survey, 48% of job applicants have a presence on social media. As a result, it would be well worth carrying out a quick search to give you an insight into the candidate’s personal life and any unpleasant surprises you’re glad you had discovered.

A study found that after conducting a social media search, 61% of employers found something they didn’t like on a candidate’s social media profile, which helped them make a better-informed decision during the selection process.

Social media has become a much more efficient method of hiring the best employees for your company. It’s simple, trustworthy, and quick and could make a real difference in your recruitment process.

About April Heavens- Woodcock

Author: April Heavens–Woodcock , is the Chief Buzz Officer Touching Clients a Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in strategic online marketing development for businesses. She is passionate about helping businesses grow their bottom line with effective tools. She speaks regularly on social media, email marketing, and marketing around the East Coast.