4 Ways Businesses Can Grow Pinterest Followers via Facebook Fans


Pinterest continues it’s rapid growth in users with over 70 million people now using this social network and nearly 79% of them active regularly on the plaform.

For the online marketer, Pinterest is a powerful media for referral traffic to websites.

Is your Pinterest following as strong as your Facebook fan base?
No?  We’ll show you how to change that!

Are you aware of the traffic-to-site power of Pinterest?
No?  Well, About 80% of all “pins” are actually re-pins rather than brand new content, so once on Pinterest the media spreads and always links through to the URL assigned to the image.  This can help drive traffic to your website and it uses the power of social sharing and “re-pin” referrals to extend reach to the networks of others.

What makes Pinterest an even more viable social hotspot is its subscriber demographics, which perfectly represents the common target customer demographics of many retailers. About 55% of the user base is between 25 and  44 years of age, and 34% have average household income of $50,000 to $74,999.

Is your Pinterest following lagging behind your Facebook fan community?  Here’s 4 ways to leverage the power of your Facebook community to grow Pinterest followers! 

4 Ways to Grow Pinterest Followers via Facebook

1. Share Pinterest Boards and Pins on Facebook:

Facebook is an established powerhouse social networking channel, whereas Pinterest, a new entrant is fast catching up. Marketers can leverage their Facebook fan base to inform them of their Pinterest account.  Share new pin links and boards on your Facebook Page, inviting fans to go over and check them out.  With visual media (images and videos) getting the most Likes, Shares, and Comments on Facebook, the opportunity is right there!  Copy a pin URL or a Board URL on Pinterest and share on your Page.

Pin a Pinterest image or board on Facebook

2. Add a Pinterest Tab to the Facebook Page:

Another method to alert fans to your Pinterest account is with a Pinterest Tab on your Facebook Page.  In this way, Pages can display their more recent pins or a specific board on their Facebook page. This can be a way to share about products or educate with Infographics you have on your Pinterest account.

The plan is simple, launch the tab, then create a Facebook post using the Smart (mobile friendly) URL and this goes into the News Feed where fans can click and go directly to the tab to connect with your Pinterest images (and follow you on Pinterest !)


Using the TabSite Pinterest tab not only popularizes the pins and leads fans to the Pinterest page, it also keeps the users engaged on the Facebook page, creating a win-win situation. Also, adding a Facebook Comments stream allows viewers to comment on the tab as well, further deepening the engagement.

3. Run a ‘Pin Deal’ offer on the Facebook Page

How about a promotion that integrates Facebook and Pinterest for a dynamic social duo?

TabSite’s Pin Deal App makes this a reality!   The Pin Deal app allows marketers to offer special discounts, free downloads, or other promo, where fans participate by needing to pin the deal to Pinterest themselves to access the deal.  This gets the visitor acquainted with your Pinterest account as another means of making the bridge for your fans to your Pinterest account.


4. Run a Timeline Photo contest

Pinterest is all about images, and as noted, images attract the eye on the web. Running a timeline Photo Contest and inviting fans to submit images is an effective way to engage fans…and then make them aware of your Pinterest account.

Using TabSite’s Timeline Contest App, it’s easy to download all photos from a Timeline Contest, then add them to a board on Pinterest to showcase the entries.  Finally, make a number of announcements via posts over 2-3 days that invite fans to go check out all the images that were submitted and the winner that was chosen.


The growth of different social media channels poses both a challenge and an opportunity. Marketers who rise up to the challenge and offer their communities a seamless way to connect with them over the various channels stand a better chance of staying in close touch with their community.

While companies do not need to be on all social media channels, if your demographic is keen on Pinterest, your Facebook Page offers a way to help them find and connect with you on Pinterest as well!

For more stats and details on Pinterest, check out our sources:




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