5 Reasons Companies Are Investing In Podcasts

5 Reasons Companies Are Investing In Podcasts

It hasn’t been long since podcasts first gained attention. A while back, they’re just another feature that mobile users tend to ignore; but, now, it’s an entirely different story.

So, what is a podcast exactly?

It came from the terms ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast.’ It’s an informational type of audio meant to be a syndicated series that listeners can download all at once, per week, or even per season. The feature started in 2004, but was not in the best interest of listeners. However, it gained a fair amount of attention when the media itself sparked the beginning of its fame and popularity.

As of 2021, podcasting is one of the most effective advertisements used in business. Despite its existence somehow hidden and mostly discovered through word of mouth, it has already contributed significantly to the corporate world. Corporate groups have already ensured their businesses’ success through podcast investments.

How can audio information media be a vital player in industries?  It would seem questionable, but the most priceless asset is more than it meets the eye in hustling. Find out why below.


1. Podcast Listeners Belong To Higher Income Bracket 


According to blogger stats, 21% have a 100k household income or higher, and about 41% have a 75k heightened. Companies that aim to reach greater heights in terms of profit, shares, and territory will always strive for well-off households that can afford them. This reveals that there’s a higher chance of this set of demographics to purchase advertised content. Moreover, 51% of the listeners are four-year degree holders, strengthening the pool of prospects for competitive companies.


2. 93% Of Podcast Listeners Are Social Media Users


It’s no secret that social media influences the direction of the market—this has been proven time and time again. About podcasts, almost all the listeners are active on social media platforms, which are an excellent opportunity for engagement and promotion. Social interactions users can already affect the fluctuation of mentions. How much more if almost everyone does the same?  It’s an advertisement by the users for the users. It would be a waste for companies to pass up such a brilliant method of gaining potential customers.


3. The Podcast Is The Mainstream Of 2021


The podcast remodeled the field of content marketing. By the time it has begun to gain steady media progress, about 20% purchased products or services simply from hearing them on podcasts. From 2019 up to the present, leading podcast companies have made moves to expand and innovate.

A podcast is also one of the priorities in technological advancements. This seems to uphold the claim that podcasting soared at the top against other forms of content marketing. As it sets the standards, it could not also allow itself to fall behind the race. Concrete plans are already being made to allow podcasting to run most, if not all, of the marketing arena.


4. Revenues Reach Billions Of Dollars


Business Investment

Of course, the corporate world won’t easily invest in something. unless there’s absolute merit, and it just so happens that podcasts guarantee such extreme conditions. Last 2019, iHeart Media raked USD$3.68 billion in revenues, Spotify, €6.76 million, and the National Public Radio, USD$283.4 million. These numbers prove just how much companies get from this new form of audio information media. There’s no doubt that it’s worth investing in.

Aside from that, due to the taxes, subscriptions, and even the profit gained from those who purchase products due to podcasts’ influence, the circulation of money aids economic growth.


5. Podcast Is Portable 


What truly separates podcasting from usual promotion and advertisement is that it’s found almost anywhere. Unlike in televisions, billboards, and newspapers wherein there’s a designated area for promotion, podcasts are portable and user-friendly.

Statistics show that 52% listen to podcasts in their cars, 46% listen to them while traveling, and 40% do so during walks, runs, and even biking escapades. Aside from it having a broad scope of audience, podcasting also encompasses different types of locations and lifestyles. It is no wonder why companies are so eager to invest their money in podcasts.


The rise of podcasts has rocked both business and entertainment. With its growing popularity, podcasting still has a part to play in world economics for the next 20 years or more, if humans don’t get tired of it. Or, maybe, people could develop something better. Who knows?

But, as of now, podcasting is setting the bar higher when it comes to advertisements and promotions. As the leading source of revenues in the ad department, companies continue to invest in it in hopes of earning more and expanding their empire indefinitely.

About April Heavens- Woodcock

Author: April Heavens–Woodcock , is the Chief Buzz Officer Touching Clients a Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in strategic online marketing development for businesses. She is passionate about helping businesses grow their bottom line with effective tools. She speaks regularly on social media, email marketing, and marketing around the East Coast.