5 Signs Project Management is Right for You

5 Signs Project Management is Right for You

The dream is to get paid doing what you love, but many people see that as impossible. Yet, with the right combination of determination and passion, you can build a profitable career that satisfies you. If project management interests you, these five signs point to it being a great fit for you.

1. You Value Teamwork

Project management is obviously about teamwork. So, ideally, a good project manager knows how to coordinate with their team members. You must be able to point them in the right direction without stepping on their toes.

If you often thrive in group settings, then this career might be a good fit. To get better at managing projects, take courses that show you more about what this field entails. An online program like the executive certificate in project management from the Kelley School of Business offers a great knowledge base to help you move forward in this career.

2. You are Naturally Open and a Great Communicator

One of the jobs of a project manager is to ensure optimal communication inside their team, as well as outside of it. So, if you are a naturally open and extroverted person who likes and is good at communicating, then a project management career could be right for you. By working with your strengths, rather than trying to be something you’re not, you can truly enjoy the career choice.

3. You’re an Efficient Planner

Everyone makes plans. Whether it’s planning for a complicated road trip, a big move, or simply visualizing the fun you’ll have at the baseball game, people thrive on plans.

However, some people can be better at it than others. If you can plan things thoroughly, envisage any possible complication that might emerge, without getting lost in it, then you’re likely to enjoy project management over the years.

4. You’re Good at Working Independently Too

Yes, you need to be a good team player and know how to collaborate with others to achieve common goals. But project management is also about being reliable and hardworking on your own.

After all, being a project manager sets you a notch above the rest of the team in terms of responsibilities. So, it makes sense that you will need to be able to stand well on your own, too, and be a leader. Model the best practices for your team by doing them yourself first.

5. You’re Already Doing the Job of a Project Manager

If in your current job, you may have already taken on the role of a project manager, perhaps you are handling some of the extended responsibilities associated with that job. If so, then a certificate in this area might give you skills to better deal with your job, taking it to the next level.

When You Want to Take That Next Step: Final Words

Businesses are always looking for good, reliable leaders who can steer their employees toward success. Ultimately, a project management certificate can be an excellent way to attract attention and move up in your career.

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