5 Simple Steps to Use Your Instagram for Business

5 Simple Steps to Use Your Instagram for Business

The beginning of Instagram happened ten years ago when Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger realized that people need an app to share their everyday photos. The first photos were exactly that, simple moments such as coffee with a friend, photos of food, dogs, cats, and the inevitable mirror photos. After one unsuccessful trial, finally, in October of 2010, Instagram was launched. The first day was a triumph with 25000 registered users. After that, everything else was not just a story about an extremely popular social network, but also an example of how a good creation combined with perfect timing can easily find its way on the market. Within the first year, Instagram reached 10 million users who uploaded over 150 million photos. Now using Instagram for business is taking off. It’s for this reason that some people buy Instagram followers (you can check out HowSociable) to increase their audience.

There are more than a few reasons why is this network one of the most popular in the world.

About Instagram

Truth be told, Instagram photos were often called too perfect and over manufactured. However, people generally like good photos so they choose to come on Instagram to enjoy it. The Instagram aesthetic is constantly changing and is presently leaning more toward the unstaged and natural look. With just a little practice, people can learn how to use filters and produce the same quality.

This platform is all about photos and videos, so narratives are usually short or nonexistent, which is most desirable for young consumers. Instagram is known for its efforts to follow trends by adding features, updates, and watching closely over users’ needs and preferences. Even sponsored content is carefully monitored and suggested. Probably the most valuable characteristic business-wise, it offers many options and opportunities for digital marketing and promotion.


Followers are the most valuable asset on Instagram. Serious content creators, Instagram influencers, use different tactics and hacks to attract them. To give more visibility and engagement to their post or profile they’ll use witty, funny, informative, creative, long captions and hashtags.

For example, IGTV brought a new trend in 2020, in the form of serial content, which automatically turned many viewers into followers. Sometimes, content creators want to gain a reputation fast or to give some boost to their posts, so they buy followers. Actually, it’s possible to find offers for a very reasonable price. Since it takes time and a lot of effort to get more followers, these shortcuts look extremely attractive, especially to the new creators.

Although it’s a network for both individuals and companies, Instagram is well known for its benefits for business users and social network marketing, in general. The following list with 5 simple steps could assist those who need some ideas for the Instagram business strategy.

But, before starting with these steps, it’s essential to define what is important for any business on any social platform. Luckily, it’s not expensive equipment or a substantial amount of money. Targeting the audience, defining creating strategy, business goals and objectives, and combining them with determination, engagement, and persistence are the key factors.

Get an Instagram business account

If you understand the meaning of the saying “never mix business with personal matters”, you already know why having a business account on Instagram would be a good move. Joking aside, a business profile gives you access to features specially designed to meet professional needs. For those who started some business activities with the personal account, there is a way to simply convert it to a business account. If you choose to keep your account personal, creating a brand-new Instagram profile is another, equally good choice. Just don’t use both of them for the same, business purpose.

Optimize your profile

Don’t spare the words, this is no time to be shy or modest. Use all 150 characters, available for bio, to tell the story behind your brand. Establish the brand voice (professional or casual) and connect it with the company vibe. Use hashtags to add more flavor to the story and spacing to make it easier to read on smaller displays. Finally, use emojis for simple messages. For the profile picture, use your logo to separate your brand from the competition. Make sure that your profile is completed, use all available business only options and corresponding buttons.

Share only good content

Find your visual identity and make your aesthetic recognizable on every photo you post. Choose the topic or theme carefully, and then find an interesting, colorful, photogenic background to support it. Also, learn how to use your phone camera with natural light. Try a few different angles and use the same editing style on every photo, if possible. If you can link your brand with a cute animal or figure it could additionally inspire your followers to engage.

Engage with your followers and other Instagrammers

As an Instagram content creator or Instagram entrepreneur, you are a part of a community. Follow the relevant hashtags and find other brands and people who are interested in them. To help people find your content, use inspiring hashtags. Don’t neglect them or captions, they are your most valuable assistants as they can make your followers stop, think, and connect.

Responding to comments, mentions, or messages personally, is now a part of your daily routine. Try to establish a good relationship with other Instagrammers, especially if they are in the same niche and collaborate with them. Don’t forget to promote your profile on other social networks.

Use Instagram analytics tools to check on progress

Find out if your plans and activities are matching your goals. Learn how to use available Instagram analytics, tests, and other useful metrics. Use these to check the results of individual posts, stories, or the progress of account overall. Use it to improve your performances or to change strategy, if necessary.

In order to learn more about these and other important aspects or to find inspiration and useful examples, you can check the profiles of successful Instagram business experts. Some of these experts are Gary Vaynerchuk, Manny Khoshbin, and Grant Cardone. Company profiles, such as The Honest Co., Greats, or Brit Morin can serve as a great reminder that Instagram can be an extremely useful display for brand promotion and other marketing activities.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you to improve your performances and strengthen your tactics to become a successful Instagrammer.


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Author: April Heavens–Woodcock , is the Chief Buzz Officer Touching Clients a Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in strategic online marketing development for businesses. She is passionate about helping businesses grow their bottom line with effective tools. She speaks regularly on social media, email marketing, and marketing around the East Coast.