7 Key Features Your Mobile App Must Have

There’s an app for just about everything you can think of. In fact, just about everyone with a mobile device expects to be able to use their favorite site or platform via a mobile app. This means that there’s a huge market for mobile apps.

So, if you have an existing business, service, or just a great idea, you should consider developing a mobile app. However, a poorly designed app can do more harm to your business than good. Let’s briefly discuss seven essential features for just about any mobile app.

7 Key Features Your Mobile App Must Have

1. Intuitive User Experience

Packing your app full of exciting features and gadgets is no good if your app isn’t simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Usability is the first and arguably most important quality in a mobile app. Unintuitive apps will only annoy your users.

2. Advanced analytics

Marketing strategies change all the time, and it’s important to keep up to date with your customer’s buying habits and preferences. Analytics in your mobile app will allow you to keep track of how users navigate your app.

3. Customizable options

While the basic features of your app need to be consistent, is there room in your app for users to customize? Layout, content, and functionality can all be rearranged, edited, and customized without changing the basic function of your app. This allows users to have some measure of control over how they navigate your app. This might help improve usability for that particular user.

4. Feedback system

Even the best apps need a little feedback at times! Providing a way for users to leave comments, ratings, and feedback on your app will allow you to spot any potential issues early on. When users bring bugs or issues to your attention, this gives you the opportunity to fix the problems and reassure your users that your app is getting continued maintenance. This bolsters users’ confidence in you and your app, as well as building your reputation as a reliable app creator in the future.

5. Push notifications

Push notifications are used to notify users of updates, new features, reminders, payment completion, package tracking, or any number of messages. Especially if your app requires payment, push notifications as updates are more or less a necessity.

Giving your users an option to opt-out of push notifications is also a good idea.

6. Payment options

Just about every app requires some form of payment for certain features. Some apps offer a free version, with a much larger premium version available. Other apps allow buying or even selling via their platform.

This means that you’ll need to set up payment options and software, or payment gateway integration, leading us nicely onto our next point – security.

7. Security

Creating proper security for your app is absolutely essential. Whether you’ll be taking payment details, email addresses, or other details, it’s important to protect your users. Data leaks or security issues with your app can be the death knell for you and your company, as users will no longer trust your app with their details.

How to Get Started Creating Your Mobile App

Creating a mobile app is a tricky, in-depth process. Your best bet is to consult a professional app developer. For advice, price quotes, and tips on how to build a successful mobile app, click here.