7 Steps to Getting your Brand’s Instagram off the Ground


With an incredible 300 million users, Instagram has fast become one of the best platforms to tell your brand’s story. The simple notion of taking a picture, adding a nice filter and sharing it with the world has quickly turned into a $35 billion idea. And it’s so successful that this social network sees an impressive 60 million photos uploaded to it every single day.

Content marketing has really taken off in the past 5 years, and Instagram offers the perfect platform to share your content. You probably already follow the big brands who post really awesome content, but the problem is, those brands already had a large following to begin with.

So how do you build and grow your name on Instagram, if your following isn’t as big as the likes of Nike, Starbucks or Topshop..? Take a look at this blog post to find out!

1. Optimize your profile

Once you’ve set up your account, there are a few tricks that you can pull out the bag in order to help bring more exposure to your page. Set your profile picture to represent something that matches your brand. It could be a product you sell, but typically most companies will go with their logo.

Your biography should be short, simple yet compelling. You only get 150 characters so be sure to make the most of it! It’s also wise to include a link back to your web address so people know where to find you.

2. Spread the Word

Did you know your existing social channels could be one of your greatest assets to building a following? Make sure you cross promote on other channels so that you can get as many followers as you can. Include your Instagram badge, run an email campaign and spread the word.

3. Share photos

Well this is a bit of an obvious point to make, but it’s definitely still worth mentioning! Instagram is all about telling your story – whether it’s your morning meeting, the latest product you’re selling, or your tasty lunch, make sure you tell the story of your brand through your photos.

4. Hashtags

Did you know that 80% of brand posts contain at least one hashtag? Hashtags are just as important on Instagram as they are on Twitter (if not more). It’s the way that you search and connect with others, so make sure you are using the right ones. They can help you hugely boost the amount of comments and likes you get, so check out tools such as Hashtagify.me  and HashtagsForLikes to do some research.

5. Networking

It’s time to strike up relationships with other people and engage. You don’t always have to wait for people to talk to you either. It’ll help get your name out there if you start commenting on other people’s photos. Make sure you follow brands and even your competitors, to help get plenty of inspiration.

6. Videos

Did you know that since the launch of Instagram video, there has been a 37% increase in Instagram shares on Twitter? Video is another great way to build your brand’s personality, because a video is so easy to watch and understand. You’ve only got 15 seconds so make sure you take your time and create something impressive.

7. Run a contest

Contests are great for building up a following, and Instagram is a super creative tool to help you run one effectively. Make sure you offer a great reward and encourage people to upload a photo of your product (or something related to your brand) so you can engage and build more exposure across this social network.


That’s a wrap on the 7 ways!

If you want to find out more about building a following on Instagram then take a look at the infographic below, created by best selling author, Issa Asad. You can grab a copy of his free e-book, Instant Profits with Instagram, here.


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