7 Ways to Make Your Facebook Posts Matter

7 Ways to Make Your Facebook Posts

Whether you are new to Facebook or have had a page since it’s launching, at times it seems as your voice is lost in the crowd. With thousands and thousands of people on social media every day, it’s challenging to make your posts visible. Here are a few ways to make your Facebook posts stand out. Today let’s look at 7 ways to help your posts get engagement.

Shorten your message

Sometimes smaller is better, especially on Facebook. Many users only skim their feeds, so short, concise posts often see more engagement. Keep your posts below 250 characters (letters and spaces) to keep people’s attention.

The day of the week matters

Studies have shown that some days are better for engagement than others. Thursdays and Fridays have a nearly 20% higher engagement rate than other days of the week. So if you have something important to post, wait until it’s nearly the weekend.

A picture’s worth 1,000 comments

Not exactly, but posts with photos receive more likes, comments and click-throughs than text-based posts. To engage your followers, post photos for the best results.


Like using photos, the use of emoticons or smileys increases the chances of your audience engaging with your posts.

And the winner is …

Contests not only engage your followers but also draw in new people to your Facebook page. For more engagement, add a contest or drawing to your page.

Give them a gift

Everyone likes to save money, and your Facebook page is a great place to post discounts and coupons. People will return to your page often to find out what the next great deal will be!

From Visual.ly: These simple tricks will help you build your Facebook fan base so that your voice will be heard.

7 ways to make your Facebook posts matter

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