8 Stats For More Engagement On Facebook

facebook engagement stats

Some interesting Facebook stats in this infographic!

Times change and things change on Facebook rapidly.  Like #7 below, this is no longer accurate but video getting the most engagement is indeed accurate….right now!

Timing is key to engaging your audience

  • Sunday is often a great day to post and results in more interaction. (watch your Page Insights for your best day)
  • Post in the evening between 9-11 PM EST. Posts published within this time result in 88% more shares, comments, and likes (MariSmith.com).

Engage the audience with visual aids and questions

  • Visual aids such as videos and images receive more interaction than plain text posts.
  • Ask questions to get the audience involved. “What would you do?” “What is your opinion?” etc.

Keep it short

  • Keep post to 150-200 characters.
  • Provide a link to long form content (2000+ words). Create a short post on Facebook and link it to more information such as a news article, blog post, etc.

Thanks to our friend Mari Smith for this great infographic on engagement on Facebook!  Learn more by visiting her website at MariSmith.com.



What about your Facebook Page?  You need to watch the metrics for your Page to determine best times, best days and keys for your best post types.

It’s interesting to note the changes that occur on Facebook posts types and engagement over time.  The key is to test and review.

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