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How to Make Personal Connections in Business

To achieve sales success, new business owners need to create and practice effective sales pitches, gain self-confidence, and make personal connections with customers, clients, and co-workers. Becoming an independent business owner (IBO) for a company with a solid support network is a great way to learn how to make all of these things happen for you.

Delivering Sales Pitches

Delivering a dynamic sales pitch is essential because it’s likely to be a prospective customer’s first interaction with you and your company. The pitch should educate the customer about the company beyond what they might already know, while explaining your role with the company. You should also learn in advance how to overcome customers’ common objections to sales pitches.

However, a pitch is also an opportunity to get to know the customer’s wants, needs, challenges and problems, so you can help them in the best possible way.  A good sales pitch is a dialogue, not a monologue.

When putting together your pitch, it’s important to focus on the content and words you will use, as well as on how you’ll deliver the message. Your body language and tone of voice should communicate enthusiasm and confidence.

Gaining Confidence

No seller feels 100 percent confident all of the time, though. Instead, selling with confidence means putting the customer at ease and addressing them with sincerity and conviction. Everyone isn’t born with this skill, but it’s something that can be learned, observes well known sales expert Tony Robbins.

Of course, it’s easiest to talk to the customer sincerely and enthusiastically when you strongly believe in the company you’re selling for and its products. In deciding on a company to affiliate with, be careful to stay away from pyramid schemes and other scams, instead choosing a brand that communicates transparently and honestly, and which can help you and your co-workers to do likewise. Transparency is essential for business growth.

Making Personal Connections

As we all know, success is all about making the right connections with people. However, it isn’t enough to simply hand out business cards at networking events and work hard on building social media contacts. Instead, the real objective should be to connect with, learn from, and build authentic relationships even with those who are very different from us, according to author and business consultant Alan Gregerman, quoted in Inc.

There are many skills involved in making genuine personal connections, but one of them is listening. You should make your customers, clients and co-workers know that you care by giving them your full attention. Pay heed to their tone and mirror it, if appropriate. For instance, if a customer makes a mistake in giving you his phone number and gets embarrassed, have a laugh with him and tell him that, yes, you, too, get tripped up sometimes.  Find lots of other ways to relate to people, too, of course.

Joining a Support Network

It would be difficult if not impossible to acquire all of these skills by going it alone. One of the easiest alternatives is to become an Independent Business Owner with a trusted brand like Amway, which offers an extensive support network for teaching, coaching, and mentoring new business owners. Though rumors have circled that Amway is a scam, the company’s business model is completely legit, and it’s large network of sales partners provides a built in support system for newcomers.

Working collaboratively as a member of a sales team also helps to build a culture which inspires everyone on the team to be more innovative, Gregerman suggests.


If you’re starting a new business, why go it alone? Even if you’ve already developed many abilities in the skills needed for making personal connections in business, there’s always room for improvement. Consider becoming an IBO for a brand you can trust.

Updated Cheatsheet For Facebook Image size and Dimensions 2019

Facebook Cheatsheet

The need for a strong social media presence has towered in 2019. This makes it vital for the business to get up-to-date with social media platforms. Facebook is an incredible way to reach the target audience and getting the right image size to represent you is an essential part of optimization.

Whether it’s brand promotion, video, news update or even a meme, visual content rules. So naturally, there are too many eyes on your content. Potential is high here, especially with varying algorithms favoring engagement and sharing. Making good use of the visual nature of Facebook can surely show a vast improvement in any social media marketing!

If you are unaware of the image sizes and dimensions, chances are you might pixelate your image or even affect the text, making it look worse. Image sizes on Ads are equally important as the right image size for your Ad placement improves the accuracy for targeting your audience. To avoid that, it is important you keep yourself up to date.

Since Facebook’s image size and formats keep varying quite frequently, it may seem complicated and exhausting to keep up to it! But don’t worry, The latest version of  Facebook image dimensions cheat sheet (updated 2019) developed by TechWyse, an SEO agency takes you through every image dimensions you need to know.

Facebook image sizes and dimensions cheatsheet
As we have mentioned, Facebook Image dimensions change regularly.

This data will be extremely valuable for users who are plagued with perfectionism and want to make every image in the appropriate size. Current updates include the embodiment of videos and catalogs, along with the variations in the image and dimensions and aspect ratios of several ads.

If you have noticed any changes since our update, Feel free for the heads up!

Protecting Your Image as an Entrepreneur

Protecting your Image

Protecting your Image
There is often so much emphasis placed on protecting your business as an entrepreneur. However, your personal image is also something that’s worth protecting too. Have you ever thought carefully about how you want to be perceived by the public? Numerous factors could positively or negatively impact your image. It could be how you’re portrayed on social media or your past catching up with you at the wrong time. However, the good thing is that images can be fixed if too much damage isn’t done. Find out how you can be protecting your image as an entrepreneur below.

Hire a PR Professional

For those who aren’t one hundred percent sure about what PR is, it’s about managing the way in which information is spread between a brand and the public. In other words, it’s all about the information you put out there and how it shapes people’s perception of you. When you have someone helping to manage your image, it ensures people see you the way you want them to. Although PR is something that you can do yourself, hiring a professional to do it could give you better results.

Before hiring a PR agency or individual, make sure that there is at least one industry expert working on your team that has strong relationships with journalists and influencers. Also, they should be able to provide analytics that measures success.

Behave Responsibly in Public

The way you carry yourself in public can have a huge impact on your image as an entrepreneur. You should, therefore, try your best to carry yourself in a way that is positive and you’re proud of. This is especially true when you become more popular as people begin watching your every move.

When you’re socializing, be self-conscious and show the right kind of self-control. Avoid situations that could have legal implications, and if you do get into one, get the right help. If, for instance, you’re in trouble for driving under the influence, then hiring a DUI attorney in Philadelphia could be the next best course of action.

Mind Your Associations

You are often judged by the people you associate yourself with whether you like it or not. In light of this, try associating yourself with individuals that share similar values and goals to you. You can do so by doing targeted networking and connecting with the right people.

A networking strategy to consider is going to events and doing the work of connecting with people. It takes time to build the right kind of network and isn’t something that will happen overnight. However, you can speed things up by attending the right types of events. Aside from attending events, you also need to follow up and keep in touch. It is about maintaining healthy relationships and adding value in the best way that you can.

Build a Digital Profile

Nowadays, how you’re seen online is just as important as how you’re seen offline. You should, therefore, work on building your brand via your social platforms. Watch the types of content that you post and ensure it appropriately reflects who you are. Also, make sure you’re on platforms where your target audience is, so you’re in front of the right people.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level in 2 Simple Steps

Business Next Level

Business Next Level
Your business is never going to be an overnight success. By the time it reaches the pinnacle of its market, it will have had to have clawed its way up a number of different levels, each one being more difficult than the last. No matter what your business’s next step is, then, you need to ensure that it takes it if you are to stand a chance of one day reaching your end goal. To take your business to the next level, you’re going to need to take the two simple steps listed below.

Set goals

By setting goals, you will be sure to clarify your focus, you will find it easier to measure your progress, and you will become more adept at tracking your achievements. The end result? You will garner a better understanding of how your business operates and, thus, you will know what specific action needs to be taken to take it to the next level.

When it comes to setting goals, you should:

  • Choose goals that stretch, challenge, and motivate you
  • Keep written notes of your goals so that you can constantly refer back to them
  • Inform somebody about your goals, so that they can keep you in check with regards to them
  • Break your goals down into smaller checkpoints
  • Take your first step carefully — this can make or break your ability to reach the goal in the long run
  • Create a plan for long-term growth
  • Keep going, no matter what hurdles you face along the way
  • Celebrate whenever you hit a milestone, as this will motivate you to hit more going forward

Understand your employees

In the workplace of today, the gap between business owners and the workforce that they employ has the potential to be bridged like never before. This means that you have the opportunity to understand your employees like never before, too. This is thanks to all the latest engagement technology out there on the modern market.

One such facet of technology that you could make use of in this instance is employee survey software. By surveying your staff members using the software made available at, you will be able to garner a better understanding of how they feel about your business, what drives their behavior in the workplace, and what they think can be done to improve the way your company is run. This better understanding on your part can then be used to transform and improve the way you treat your employees. As a result, you will be sure to get your workforce on your side; conversely, they will be sure to work harder to ensure that your business makes that all-important step up to the next level.

If you seriously want to take your business to the next level, then you need to get serious when it comes to putting the above advice into practice. Set yourself some goals and garner a better understanding of your employees, and you will be sure to see improvement across the board within your organization.

How to Ensure Your Business Runs Smoothly Without You

Business Runs smoothly

Business Runs smoothly

When it comes to running a business, it’s only natural to want to be there all the time to oversee operations. There are, however, times when being around isn’t possible. You could fall ill, be called away on family business, or be involved in a car accident. You might not want to think about these things happening, but it’s better to be prepared and have a plan in place to cover times when you’re unable to run your business for some time. Knowing some top tips will help ensure your business runs smoothly,  and functions efficiently and effectively, even when you’re not there.

  • Write Policies and Procedures – to help your team with their duties while you’re away, make sure all policies and procedures are written down and easily accessible. A searchable database is a good idea because it keeps everything in one place.
    This should be a living, breathing document because you might need to add to it when certain issues are raised, or there are changes made within your business. Something else you need to consider is the introduction of an effective training program.
  • Hire Only the Besthiring talented people for your team is one of the best ways to ensure your business runs smoothly. From the team, there should be one or two people who are more than capable of stepping in whenever you need to be away.
  • Empower Employees – your employees shouldn’t be scared to make decisions themselves. If you’ve hired the right people, more often than not, their decisions will be the right ones. Empowering your employees builds their confidence and helps your business move faster.
  • Seek Help – never be afraid to seek outside help if you’re not overly confident in your team. Many professionals out there can step in and take over operations for a short period of time. Not only will you need help with your business, but you’ll also need the expert advice of a reputable car accident lawyer if you’ve been involved in a car accident. If you live in Tampa, for example, you can visit
  • Establish a Chain of Command – you should train your employees well, but at the same time, you also need to keep a lookout for employees who have gained the respect of others. These employees could prove to be valuable members if you’re looking for leaders to take over command when you’re not there. The ideal employee is one who is honest, knowledgeable, and has clear and strong leadership qualities.
  • Be Accessible – even if you can’t be present, you should at least be accessible by phone, fax or email. Your employees will need to keep you informed, and they also need to be able to take important instructions from you.

Should one of life’s challenges take you away from your business for any length of time following these tips will ensure your business performs like the well-oiled machine it is when you’re around. Just because you can’t be physically present, doesn’t mean your business can’t perform well.