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How to Produce Content That is SEO Friendly

Content that is SEO

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization is an important consideration for any modern website or business that has an online presence. Without SEO, websites will languish in obscurity. It is only the first handful of responses that get the majority of the traffic generated through internet searches.

If you want to raise and maintain your SEO score, you need to produce content with SEO in mind from the beginning. Here are some simple tips anyone can follow to make their content as SEO friendly as possible.

Use Headings and Sub-headings

Dividing your content up into sections will not only make it much easier for your audience to read, but it will also improve the SEO of your content. When readers are presented with a wall of text, many of them will simply click away and look for something else; no one wants to wade through a sea of words just to find the information they’re looking for.

When content is divided into headings, users can easily skim it and hone in on the bits that are most important to them. For example, if you want to know how to create a content marketing strategy, you can search on Google and find millions of results. If the first link you click on is just a block of text, you will have to read it until you find the bit you are looking for. However, if the article is divided into sub-headings, and you see a heading titled “What is a Content Campaign?” you can go straight to that section and find the information you need.

Link to Previous Content

Backlinks are really important in determining your SEO score and they are one of the easiest things you can do to give yours a boost. All you have to do is link back to old content on your website that is relevant to the content you are producing today. Not only will Google et al look favorably on websites that link back to old content, but it will also help to drive traffic to old pages and keep them relevant.

Link to Reputable External Sources

You shouldn’t only link to your own content, of course. You also need to link to external websites to maximize your SEO. When you do this, make sure that you are linking out to reputable sources. Doing this will increase the validity of your website and will ultimately encourage other websites to link to yours.

Keep Your Articles the Right Length

It used to be assumed that the more you wrote, the more traffic you would receive. Blog posts used to be several hundred words long on average, but that doesn’t tend to be the case anymore. Articles of 1500 words or more have become something of a rarity. Instead, articles tend to be around 500 words in length.

You should be aiming for 400-500 words as a minimum for your website content. You can definitely write longer articles if you want, but you need to ensure that they are high-quality and aren’t watered-down. If your articles are full of filler, they won’t gain the kind of traction you’re looking for. Incfile’s article on “What is a C Corporation?” is a great example of the striking the right balance of length of article and the quality of the content. The article carefully answers the question, and yet doesn’t overload a reader with huge blocks of text.

If you produce your content with SEO in mind from the beginning, you will find it much easier to build and maintain a high SEO score. Keep doing it and it will soon become second nature.

How to Run a Successful Business

Successful Business

Successful Business

For any entrepreneur, they will know that running a business in 2019 is a formidable challenge, and for many, the goal of it being a success might seem near impossible. However, by taking into account the steps that are outlined below in the article, you could see yourself running a very successful business that brings along with it a nice tidy profit.

Optimize your website

The usability and speed of your website play a major part in the success of your business. You need to create an efficient, easily navigable, and mobile-friendly website that shows customers you are a reliable business for their custom.

Compressed images, browser-caching, and efficient coding are all great starting points for a speedy site. Google’s mobile site speed test will give you an idea of the loading speed of a given page, providing an overall rating for your site. Focusing on responsive web design, setting up accelerated mobile pages and factoring in voice search queries should help you to create a positive experience for mobile phone users.

Claim your Google My Business page

According to Moz, the quality of your Google My Business (GMB) listing is the number one ranking factor affecting where your business is displayed in local searches. Having a verified GMB listing gives your business credibility as well as improved online visibility. To optimize your listing further, upload high-quality images of your business and products, keep your information up-to-date, and try to get as many business reviews as possible. All of these things will make a serious difference to your conversion rate, such as how many people decide to spend money with your business after seeing your listing and/or website.

Create content tailored around keyword searches

Your ultimate aim should be to focus on getting your business’ name out there as much as possible. This means creating high-quality content that is tailored around keyword searches to help you rank high in the SERPs.

The idea here is to find out which phrases people are using to search for your business and similar businesses. There’s no shortage of keyword research tools like SEMRush out there to help you take this first step. Think about all the ways people might search for you and your competitors. It’s okay to be fairly broad when it comes to competition on a local level, but remember, you’ll still be going up against well-resourced national brands with branches in the area.

Once you know what people are looking for, the next step is to create content that will pair your site with these search phrases. Publishing regular and relevant content will show Google your website is active and serving users well, helping you climb the search rankings.

The quality of your content matters too. The key is to design it for your intended customer and make sure it’s as readable, insightful, and original as possible. This will show your customers you are knowledgeable in the industry and are therefore trustworthy.

Fix Problems Quickly

As detailed above, making your business a successful one relies heavily on the use of computers and the internet. Therefore, to remain on top of your game, it is important to fix any problems that occur quickly and efficiently. You can’t afford to be left behind in the world of business, so make sure that if you face a problem with your tech, you contact a computer repairs Cheltenham company such as Smart in the UK.

Keep Your Employees up to Date

Running a business cannot be done alone, and you will need your employees to be on the same page as you to ensure success going forward. Take the time to educate them on the business’ goals for the year and how you are going to achieve them. They will appreciate the honesty of what the company goals are and will want to make the business just as successful as you do.

How To Grow Your Digital Marketing Business

Grown Your Digital Marketing

Grown Your Digital Marketing

There is no shortage of digital marketing businesses, so what are you doing to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd?

Your company should cultivate an online presence that will grow your brand awareness and allow you to reach more clients. The chances are that you are offering this same advice to your clients, but are you doing it yourself?

With the click of a button and a thorough campaign, news about your company can reach millions of people. Engaging with people is a must, so have you made this a priority in your business plan?

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you grow your digital marketing business and make sure you stand out amongst your competitors for all the right reasons.

Growing your expertise

As a business owner and entrepreneur, learning how to run a company successfully takes practice and knowledge. There is no better place to learn how to organize your enterprise or to come up with strategy than by looking for MBA programs in Michigan.

Kettering University allows you to get your MBA degree online, so that you can continue focusing on your business, and learn new skillsets at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

Invest in brand awareness initiatives

Investing your time and effort into social media, public relations, digital marketing, and SEO will allow you to increase your company’s brand awareness.

A trusted brand is essential to the profitability of your enterprise, and if clients or your target audience doesn’t know about you, how will you sell your services? Get into the habit of consistently posting on your social media pages and post weekly blog posts on your website where you establish yourself to be an industry expert. Remember, all content should be high quality and interesting; otherwise no one will pay attention to it.

Engaging and nurturing your follow base will build on existing relationships and lead you to new ones.

Offer exceptional customer service

Good customer service allows you to foster loyal relationships that will spread the word about who you are and aid in your profitability.

In order to provide this level of customer service, you need to go above and beyond offering services to your clients. It’s important that you are responsive, ask for feedback, and, most importantly, listen to the feedback that you receive. They should feel as if they are an integral part of your overall operations, and they should be kept in the loop at all times with any new ideas that you have.

Treat the relationship as a collaborative one, and your customers will appreciate you for it. You may even have an advantage over your competitors if you do this.

Attend networking events

Attending business networking events gives you the perfect opportunity to spread the word about what you do. Some of the professionals you meet at these events could become new clients, and you may choose to form strategic partnerships with others that you meet.

If you haven’t come across any digital marketing events that you want to attend, why not host your own? Doing so will also give you an edge and make you known in your city.

Having a company website and a social media presence isn’t enough for people to know who you are, or to want to hire you for your services. You should learn how to stand out from your competitors, and do so by investing in the very marketing initiatives that you are recommending to your clients.

The golden rule is to maintain good relations with your current clientele and continue to keep an eye out for new opportunities.

4 Ways To Grab The Attention Of Your Customers Online

grab customer attention

grab customer attention

There’s a lot of competition out there and noise to cut through online on any given day. This can make it challenging to run and manage a business and increase your sales.

Fortunately, there are a few ways in particular that you can grab the attention of your customers online and make sure they’re noticing you. It’s important that if you want to achieve this goal that you’re committed to investing in your online and digital marketing efforts. 

Unfortunately, you can’t roll out a product or open a business and expect that people will instantly flock to you. You have to be willing to put in the hard work and effort it takes to win over the right type of customers. 

  • Run A Contest

One way to grab the attention of your customers online is to run a fun contest that will get people excited about your business. This is a great opportunity for getting your audience involved in what you’re doing and to drum up some energy around a certain product or service you’re selling. It’s a wise idea to contact and work with a business lawyer at Charleston Law regarding the rules and legality of your promotion. This way you can protect yourself should anyone raise any issues or concerns around the policies and regulations of the contest. 

  • Be Creative & Versatile

You can also better grab the attention of your customers online by being creative and versatile with what you’re distributing. For example, experiment with video and live streaming and come up with unique content that no one else is sharing. Use different channels and outlets for getting in touch with your customers so you’re sure to make a name for yourself with a variety of interested parties. 

Avoid copying and mimicking your competitors, and instead focus on what you do best when it comes to rolling out a strategic marketing approach. 

  • Build Relationships & Connections

It’s also in your best interest to be more active online and engage in conversations with your followers regularly. Focus on building relationships and connections with your audience by responding to questions and comments and listening to feedback. Avoid doing the talking all the time and instead be receptive to what ideas for improvement your audience has for your business. Keep your customers well informed of what it is you’re doing, and rolling out so that they feel like they’re in the loop and can share these details with their networks. 

  • Share Unique Content on Your Blog

A business blog is another way to grab the attention of your customers online. However, make sure your articles contain unique content that your audience finds useful and interesting. Work with your marketing team to come up with a content calendar of topics that you feel are important but don’t get a whole lot of attention in your industry currently. Otherwise, consider a new twist on an old topic that will help to get people talking and commenting on your work. 


We live in a world that’s always connected and where your customers expect you to be online and interacting on social media. What’s most important is that you’re consistent and timely with your posts and comments and won’t disappear for days at a time. Use these tips to help you get started in the right direction so that you can grab the attention of your customers online, and begin to bring in more leads and sales. 

Once you do have their attention, make sure you remain engaged with your audience and follow up often so that they don’t lose interest over time.

How Your E-Commerce Can Do Better This Year


The e-commerce boom has led many entrepreneurs to open their own online stores with the belief that they will find great success selling to people all around the world. While there certainly is the potential for great success in the e-commerce industry, most entrepreneurs do not see the success that they had envisioned because competition is fierce. It can be hard to get people to visit your store, and you may often find yourself competing with the much larger stores, especially when you’re a new store. There are a few key steps to take this year if you want to grow your e-commerce business. Read on to find out more.

Sell Trending Products

One of the best ways to boost sales is to make sure that you are selling products which are trending and expected to grow in popularity over the coming years. There are many good options right now, including:

  • Smartphone accessories
  • Maternity wear
  • Shapewear
  • Health and beauty products
  • Pet accessories

Digital Marketing

As it is such a competitive marketplace, digital marketing is an essential tool for e-commerce stores to use. Use the services of an experienced digital marketing agency, and you will soon notice a spike in traffic due to the increase in visibility online. This can boost both brand reputation and awareness to drive further success.

Revamp Website

If you are attracting visitors to your store but struggling to make conversions, the reason behind this could be a poor website. A good e-commerce store will be clean, attractive, fast, functional, and easy to navigate. Here are a few tips:

  • Limit the use of text
  • Use high-quality, clear product photographs
  • Include customer reviews
  • Make each page accessible from every page
  • Include relevant product information
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Include a blog to add personality and authority

Inventory Software

A good e-commerce store will run smoothly and efficiently. This is possible with software which can make it easy to manage your inventory and synchronize your marketplace accounts. If you are struggling to succeed, then you need to make sure that you are selling on large platforms like eBay and Amazon. eBay inventory software can make this a simple task which should help to boost sales.

Address Shipping Costs

The biggest reason that people abandon their carts is the cost of shipping. This means that you need to look into your current shipping costs and potentially find ways to reduce these costs. As an example, you could alter your pricing strategy and offer free shipping or offer free shipping when you spend $X amount. Additionally, you need to make sure that your products reach your customers quickly and with high-quality packaging.

There is the potential for great success in the continually growing e-commerce industry, yet this success will not happen overnight. E-commerce is incredibly competitive, which can make it challenging to get people to visit your store and then convert them into customers. The above tips should help any e-commerce store owner to make positive changes this year and will help you to stand out from the crowd and increase sales.