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Five Ways Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business That You Haven’t Heard Before

Five Ways Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business That You Haven’t Heard Before

Five Ways Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business That You Haven’t Heard Before

Social media marketing has become almost a no-brainer marketing approach for all kinds of businesses that are looking to get that extra boost to their leads and sales. People are spending record amounts of time on their devices. Especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Additionally this trend and these platforms aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Not taking advantage of such an opportunity can limit the growth of your business. As well as decrease the number of potential customers. And in all honesty make or break everything you’ve been working for.

Luckily, social media marketing isn’t as hard as some make it out to be. Knowing about some of the benefits which you haven’t heard of or considered before will not only make you more knowledgeable in this sphere but will perhaps motivate you and get you on the right track with these essential marketing techniques.

Today you’re going to read about 5 social media marketing benefits that come with marketing your business online. Plus, how it can affect and improve your business without an incredible amount of effort.

Positive Change

When first embarking on the SMM (social media marketing) route, you’ll begin to quickly learn more about your brand in ways that you haven’t thought of before. This knowledge can ultimately lead to growth. Which can indeed begin to promote positive change within your business.

Having the exposure that comes with being on social media as a company or brand not only means that you’ll be seen by lots of people. But you’ll also get to hear voices and opinions of others. Which if considered carefully and constructively, can, in fact, provide valuable lessons and answers to your questions.

A recent example comes to mind when considering what good can potentially come from what otherwise would’ve been a sticky situation. This case involving Starbucks, and how they handled that potential crisis with the help of social media. Instances as such show just how in the midst of a crisis, social media can be used to sway public opinion back in your favor by quickly enacting positive change and making it public.

Converting the Unbelievers

When you’re on social media, whether you like it or not, you’ll be seen by a lot of people from different backgrounds and interests. This presents a golden opportunity to convert all the leads that weren’t interested in your brand, product, or company before. While you might be marketing to a specific audience, the more people see you, the higher the chances you’ll get customers who don’t fall under your usual buyer persona. Attempting to convert those leads should be one of the focal points of your social media marketing campaign. This has everything to do with external content.

Things like promoting your brand in a way that’s not only informative but also entertaining. Perhaps either through video content or blogging, is bound to turn a few heads. Plus it may get shared amongst people that wouldn’t usually think twice about your product. This and many other conversion practices can be found here. Besides doing your own research, which will make you better prepared to get your social media campaign on the right course. Always remember that the more bases you fill-up (social media platforms that you’re on) the higher the chance of success will be.

Customer Loyalty

If done right, the following that you generate on social media can turn into a digital community. They will follow you through highs and lows and won’t leave you when the cards are down. This is one of the biggest social media marketing benefits for your business. If you stay authentic as a brand, the chances are that you’ll be truly liked and perhaps even loved. Your customers will reward you with loyalty, which in the business world goes a very long way.

For this to happen, you should strive for everyday excellence. Additionally, nurture your social media marketing platform with all the right care and attention. Things like great customer service via social media. Or, providing external perks to already existing loyal customers, as well as giving customers reasons to be loyal are all great examples of how customer loyalty can be achieved. This article does a great job explaining all the ins and outs of creating and keeping customer loyalty. It is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Hard to Forget

Social media can help you when times are hard – if you’re visible and active on social media during tumultuous times, there’s a good chance your current customers won’t abandon you or switch to someone else when things go back to normal.

Keeping a presence through thick and thin in an almost relentless fashion will resonate in a way that you are relevant now and will be for the times to come. This type of assurance can be almost seen as priceless and to get there should be motivational enough to begin an SMM campaign in the first place.

You’ll Gain Knowledge

You’ll learn more about yourself and your customers with social media acting as a sort of mirror. If there’s active communication going on, there’s a possibility you’ll unearth something new. Plus, what you weren’t aware of before about yourself and your brand. These are some of the closest insights a business can ask for. Its availability comes in one of the purest forms.

A direct line of communication, which can be full of opinions, thoughts, and downright discussions in regards to your brand or product can serve as a real eye-opener. This all leads to you having the necessary knowledge. Which can lead to the improvement and growth of your business.


These five social media marketing benefits will provide you with new insights that you haven’t heard before. Now you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your Social Media marketing strategy.

How a Startup Can Hit the Ground Running

How a Startup Can Hit the Ground Running

How a Startup Can Hit the Ground Running

Launching a new startup is a daunting experience as you will want to hit the ground running and find early success. It can be difficult to keep a new business afloat in the early days. Especially if you do not start bringing much money in. Additionally, it can be hard to build a positive reputation if you don’t hit the ground running. This means that there is a lot of pressure to find some success early on. Although it is possible to succeed without, it could be vital to your long-term success. Here are a few tips to help you hit the ground running.

Identify a Gap in the Market

One of the best ways to get noticed early on and to start competing is to find and exploit a gap in the market. This can be challenging, especially in competitive industries. But if you thoroughly research the market, your competitors and your target customer then you can find a way to penetrate the market and add value to your target customer.

Use Deals & Promotions

It is tough as a new business to encourage people to take a chance on your company because you don’t yet have a reputation. A highly effective way to get people to take a chance with your business and to lure customers away from more established brands is with a deal or promotion. People will always be looking for ways to save money and take advantage of a good deal so you should use these early on. Then you can try to retain these customers with your product and service quality. Not to mention the smooth customer journey.

Generate Excitement on Social Media

There is no point waiting until you launch to start promoting your business. Social media is a great tool for generating excitement and increasing brand awareness. This means that people will be waiting for your business to open on day one. You can create excitement on social media by promoting your products/services, and showing followers what to expect. Additionally create high-quality content geared towards your target customer and engage with your followers online.


Following this, it is a good idea to start digital marketing early. However you will find that it takes a long time to rise through the search engine results lists with SEO. This is why PPC is such a good option for startups. It immediately makes you highly visible online and allows you to compete with the industry-leading businesses. For the best results, you want to use a PPC management agency so that you can convert more from your paid advertising.

Get Involved with the Local Community

In addition to raising awareness about your business online, you can also get involved with the local community. This can raise your profile while also humanizing the brand and showing that you care. There are many ways to do this, such as attending community events, hosting a launch party, engaging with local businesses and sponsorship.

Customer Reviews & Encourage Word-of-Mouth Marketing

People will always rely on customer reviews and recommendations from their network, especially when it comes to a new business. This is why it is so important to obtain as many reviews as possible early on. Then to place these in visible places online, as well as encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Remember, you can ask people to do this and incentivize them with referral programs.

These strategies will help your startup to hit the ground running and find some early success. The early days are critical and if you can start attracting customers from day one then you will be in a good position to achieve your goals.

Turning Your Digital Marketing Prowess into a Revenue Stream

5 Tips on Turning Your Digital Marketing Prowess into a Revenue Stream

5 Tips on Turning Your Digital Marketing Prowess into a Revenue Stream

Digital marketing is in high demand right now. Almost all businesses are making the shift to digital marketing for obvious reasons, and looking to work with those with digital marketing prowess. That being said, Digital marketing instruments available today don’t just provide measurable results, but also wider reach and specific targeting at the same time.

As more businesses move to utilizing digital marketing more and more, the demand for digital marketing services is also on a rise. There are plenty of opportunities to turn your digital marketing skills into revenue streams, and these next few tips and tricks will help you get started right away.

Start with Yourself

Whether you are setting up a new digital marketing agency or offering consulting services as a professional, the first thing you want to do is make sure that your online presence is strong enough. Potential clients will check if you are a trustworthy service provider by conducting an online search, and having a strong online presence will greatly influence their decision to trust your digital marketing prowess.

You are basically using your brand presence as a portfolio; the most powerful example you can create, to be exact. When potential clients Google your name, for example, you want to make sure that the search results all point to a consistent personal branding as a digital marketing specialist or an expert in your specific field.

Prepare to Work Remotely

While meeting with potential clients directly is the ideal way to go, you cannot always have the opportunity to do so. Aside from the challenges we face today, you may also get clients from different parts of the world. Knowing how to remain effective when working remotely becomes a crucial skill to have as a digital marketer.

For instance, you can now do contract negotiations or share initial pitch decks through a virtual deal room. Rather than risking the security and confidentiality of the information you share, a virtual deal room such as the one provided by SecureDocs can help you protect your interests while remaining effective. Potential clients will be impressed too.

Start Networking Early

It is never too early to start networking. The majority of your clients will come from your network, which is why you need to start getting people to recognize you as a digital marketing expert early. Once again, the internet is your friend when it comes to building a solid network and creating credibility in this industry.

You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with industry experts. Don’t just reach out to others for the sake of connecting with people either; contribute to discussions, share your knowledge, and let others reshare your posts. The more you interact with key industry players, the higher your credibility will be.

Master Specific Skills

Last but not least, try to focus on one particular digital marketing instrument and be very good at what you do. While there are those who deal with digital marketing as a whole, the best ones are actually focusing on specific instruments like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Having a focus lets you direct time, energy, and resources towards mastering the specific instruments. You will be the best at what you do faster, which means you can impress potential clients – and existing ones, once you get the ball rolling – more. That leads to more clients asking for your services and a scalable business as a digital marketing service provider.

Be Persistent

You cannot generate revenue from digital marketing services overnight; you’d have to be very lucky to pull that off. Just because your LinkedIn post doesn’t attract new leads, doesn’t mean you should stop posting on LinkedIn altogether. Persistence is the final piece of the puzzle. After all, you cannot build a strong personal brand – or a good online presence for your new agency – in a few days. Building a reputation and credibility takes time, and you will have to be persistent enough before the investments you make start paying off.

As an added bonus, there is one last tip you want to keep in mind: start small. No successful digital marketer hit it big from the first project they were handed. Be willing to work on smaller – but paid – projects, continue expanding your portfolio, and it will not be long before you start generating a healthy revenue from your digital marketing prowess. 

How to Master Network Marketing 

How to Master Network Marketing 

How to Master Network Marketing 

Whether awareness of network marketing comes from the renowned success of companies such as Avon, or Tupperware, or from the desire to ‘make a full-time salary with part-time hours’, the promises and benefits of network marketing companies have enticed many individuals into making that first investment in the hopes of a bright future. However, as many soon find out, to be able to fully benefit from this line of work, one needs to master the required sales techniques. 

Below are some tips to help any individual become a master of the art of network marketing. 

  • Know the Target Audience 

Having a strong understanding of the target audience is an important aspect of any successful marketing campaign, but it is essential when it comes to network marketing. The structure of network marketing is based on person to person communication. This provides the perfect opportunity to ask questions, to inform a deeper understanding of the target audience, which can, in turn, promote future sales.

  • Don’t Forget to Build a Network 

Network marketing is a duel focused strategy, in which focusing solely on sales will only allow progression to a certain point. It may be helpful to use these quotes about network marketing. For example, Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘The Business of the 21st Century’ states that:

‘In-network marketing, the whole point is not to sell a product but to build a network, an army of people who are all representing that same product or service to share with others’.   

For those individuals who believe in both the product they are selling and the benefits the work brings them, establishing a recruiting mindset isn’t difficult. Believing in the opportunity being offered and keeping this in mind will help a recruiter to be brave and unapologetic. 

  • Always be Prepared 

One very important part of being a good network marketer is always being prepared, whether this means keeping a sample of the product on hand, some informational leaflets, or a USB drive filled with information. Being able to quickly access some form of informative equipment will mean that an interested party will always be able to learn more, no matter where they are. 

  • Have a Strong Motivator 

Whether it is a real passion for the products, the financial freedom of the job, or flexible working hours, having personal motivation and keeping it in mind is key to success. Keeping this information close at hand will help push one through the initial nerves that come with face-to-face sales and act as a constant motivator to keep going. 

  • Utilize Social Media 

Social media is one of the best ways of building brand awareness, reaching a wider audience, and engaging with potential customers, and it’s all completely free! 

Picking a couple of social media platforms that are popular with the business’s target audience and focusing on these, rather than trying to use all forms at once, is recommended. To build up a following, try joining some relevant groups and becoming an active member. Remember to be consistent, active, and engaging with posts: this will help both to build an audience and to keep them loyal. 

  • Keep at it 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a successful network marketing business. Really understanding a target audience, perfecting a sales pitch, building up a network and promoting brand visibility all take time. The skills that you need to learn and flourish take a little while to develop and require hard work, perseverance and determination. However, if you feel motivated to sell the product and hold onto your motivations through the ups and the downs, you will be a success.  

6 Tips for Kickstarting Your Digital Marketing Career

6 Tips for Kickstarting Your Digital Marketing Career

6 Tips for Kickstarting Your Digital Marketing Career

If you aspire to break into the field of digital marketing, there’s never been a better time than the present. According to research, the digital economy is growing at a very rapid rate. Employees working in the digital economy are enjoying high demand, high salaries, career growth, and benefits. Whether you want to work as a digital marketer, data analyst, campaign coordinator, SEO specialist or in another role, the digital marketing industry is undoubtedly booming. As the digital economy continues to grow, there’s only expected to be many more career roles available.

It’s no surprise that digital marketing is a popular option for a career choice. After all, it’s a very modern and current type of career. It provides plenty of options for remote working, freelancing, starting your own business or working for some of the top companies around the world. If you want to kick-start your digital marketing career and help yourself stand out from the competition when it comes to landing work, here are some top tips that you might find useful.

Demonstrate Your Eagerness to Learn:

The digital marketing industry is not only growing at a rapid rate; it is incredibly competitive and subject to constant changes. New digital marketing technologies, techniques, and best practices are always being uncovered. Plus the latest algorithm update from Google can bring about huge changes to the way that work is done.

One of the best ways to stand out in the job market is to demonstrate your eagerness to learn. Additionally show your ability to keep up with the latest developments. Companies are looking for digital marketing professionals who are able to think on their feet, adapt quickly to change, and come up with innovative and creative ideas. You need to constantly be taking in new information in order to succeed, so being passionate about learning as much as you can is essential.

You might want to consider:

  • Getting a respected industry qualification in digital marketing.
  • Earning a relevant degree, such as a degree in data science or data analytics, will be very useful to you as a digital marketer. The ability to understand and interpret data is also highly sought-after in the industry as data becomes even more essential. Click here to find out more about why data analytic skills are in such high demand and the top skills you need to get ahead.
  • Follow high-authority blogs and websites in the digital marketing industry and keep up with the experts.
  • Start your own blog, website or video channel where you can demonstrate your own expertise and explore different aspects of the industry.

Staying up to date is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re currently in the industry. Using outdated technologies or strategies isn’t going to get you very far. As major names like Google, Twitter, and Facebook regularly tweak their platforms, not keeping on top of the latest changes is a career killer.

Some good websites to use to keep up to date include:

  • Moz
  • Search Engine Land
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Hubspot
  • PPC Hero


When it comes to networking, one could argue that it’s easier than ever for digital marketing professionals and those looking to get into the industry. Digital marketing professionals are usually more adept than anybody else at getting content online, and successfully using the internet to communicate with others. This means you can usually find lots of different talented professionals who’re actively looking to network on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Put yourself out there and surround yourself with people who are influential and more talented than yourself. The people that you meet within the industry can provide you with a support network for when you run into problems or need advice. Rest assured, digital marketers and SEO experts are some of the most supportive people you’ll ever meet; just look on Twitter and you’ll see.

But, while the internet might be right at the core of your job, don’t restrict your networking to behind a laptop screen. You will benefit from attending conferences and industry meetups in your area, and you might even want to travel to larger events too. This will give you a chance to not only learn a lot of new things through expert presentations and demonstrations. But you’ll be able to meet with and build relationships with other digital marketers and professionals in the industry.

Build a Personal Brand:

Once you are knowledgeable about and familiar with digital marketing, it’s one of the easiest industries to break into. Especially if you are considering working as a freelancer or starting your own business or agency. Since all of your work is mostly done online, you’re in a unique position. You can start selling your services to clients without leaving your living room. Of course, you can rent an office if you like, but many freelancers and self-employed digital marketers prefer to work from home when they first start out.

The key to being successful as a self-employed digital marketer is to demonstrate exactly how well you can do with your own digital presence. Since you’ll need to use the kind of techniques, strategies, and campaigns that your clients will want on yourself. You end up in a unique position where your brand and business doubles up as a testament to your skills and knowledge. Work on:

  • A strong, modern, well-designed website.
  • A visible online presence through blog content, video content, and social media.
  • Good online engagement with your clients.
  • Online word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Strong PPC advertising campaigns.
  • Demonstrating your knowledge and showcasing your expertise online.

Don’t forget; your potential clients will be browsing your website and reading your content to get clues on just how well you know what you’re doing. Consider yourself to be your own most important client!

Work on Personal Projects:

Even if you’d rather work for an employer than be self-employed as a digital marketer, working on your own personal projects can help you get far in the industry. Don’t just rely on what other people are telling you. Come up with new ideas of your own and experiment with new things. There are often many grey areas between best practices and the strategies that can actually get great results for a business when it comes to digital marketing. With the industry constantly changing, trial and error can often be a huge part of figuring out what’s going to work best.

Digital marketing careers present you with a unique opportunity to really innovate and be creative when it comes to your work. Try out multiple different disciplines, such as social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. Then develop personal projects that you can use to test out your theories. Figure out different ways of making things work before using these techniques for an employer or client.

Get Technical:

A digital marketing career can often be seen as quite glamorous. However most people in the industry know that it is usually far more data-driven and technical than most would care to admit. While working as a digital marketer won’t mean that you have to develop websites from scratch, unless you want to. You will need to be able to clearly communicate your marketing strategy to teams of developers or designers. They will then incorporate your recommendations into the build of a design.

Because of this, there are many benefits to spending some time gaining a basic knowledge of web design, HTML, CSS, and graphic design. Not only will you stand out among some of the less technically minded candidates, but it will also allow for easier collaboration between yourself and developers when it comes to producing the best products for a client.

Get Certification:

Alongside getting a degree in data science, digital marketing or another relevant topic, there are many other certificates and qualifications that you can earn. These will help you stand out in the industry. Typically, there are no barriers to entry when it comes to a digital marketing career. This makes it one of the very few career options where no college degree is actually needed in order to enjoy a lucrative career with great salary options and benefits. However, since competition is fierce and everybody wants a slice of the pie when it comes to digital marketing, put in some extra time and effort to really understand the industry. Take time to get to grips with all the terminology and earn a certificate to say that you’ve invested in your learning can pay off. Getting industry certification will help you to:

  • Land better-paying jobs as you’ll be more qualified to go straight into a managerial position.
  • Get more interest from bigger, more successful digital marketing companies.
  • Set yourself apart from your non-qualified peers who may understand the industry but don’t have the certificate to back it up.
  • Figure out your area of specialization and what you enjoy and are best at within the realm of digital marketing.
  • Make it easier for you to attract clients and customers if you decide to launch your own digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing is a fast-growing, impactful industry that applies to almost every business out there. To be more successful as you pursue a digital marketing career, keep these tips in mind.