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Dennis Yu is the CTO of Blitzmetrics. He is an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook marketing, having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Fox News, and CBS Evening News. He is also a regular contributor for Adweek's SocialTimes column. Dennis has held leadership positions at Yahoo! and American Airlines. He studied Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University and London School of Economics. Besides being a Facebook data and ad geek, you can find him eating chicken wings or playing Ultimate Frisbee in a city near you. You can contact him at, his blog, or on Facebook.

Dennis Yu answers your toughest Facebook questions

Ready to get your toughest Facebook questions answered? Let's do it! How do I get started on Facebook? Your WHY drives you to get out of bed, why you work so hard, why others participate gladly in your mission. When you have your WHY clarified, then the matter of success in social media is about mechanical implementation of various Facebook tips. In other words, 3 things: Getting your "plumbing" in gear-- website with necessary javascripts, Facebook page, YouTube channel, LinkedIn Read more [...]

When being the best at what you do just isn’t enough anymore

Dennis Yu with Yahoo colleagues
It seems to make sense at first, doesn't it? Specialize in one particular skill, honing it to the point that you're not only an expert, but known for it. You face less competition as THE expert in whatever it is you do-- landing page optimization, Facebook's Power Editor, or whatever. The jack of all trades, trying to be good at everything in an increasingly complex world, fights a futile battle. Or so you're told and perpetuate this reasonable, convenient lie. But let me ask you this... How Read more [...]

Why PPC and Content Marketing are now the same: The Viral Cycle explained.

Viral Cycly
We believe that PPC and content marketing are now the same thing. Whoever creates/gathers the content is best equipped to amplify it, as well as follow-up to create spin-off (derivative) content, interviews, community support, etc… The above diagram is the framework that drives social- This is why... Goals: Each business has a story. The founder, CEO, or President has a distinct vision that is shared throughout the company with its employees. This vision and story makes great content! By Read more [...]

How Facebook Graph Search Allows Small Businesses to Laser-Target Users

Facebook provides an overwhelming amount of data and tools for free, most of which benefits small businesses in better understanding their audience. We’re going to investigate the power of Facebook Graph Search and targeting the right audiences for your business. Step 1: Discover what your / your competitor’s customers competitors love. Let’s say you have a hot dog stand in Provo, Utah. Your biggest competition is J Dawgs: J Dawgs has a lot of fans for a small business located only Read more [...]