B2B Marketing Isn’t Boring. It’s Brilliant.

b2b isnt boring its brilliant

That B2B marketing is challenging doesn’t mean it must be boring. Yes, it takes a bit of thinking to get other businesses to notice your products. Furthermore, to give you that all-important call. However, you can still make B2B marketing fun. Not to mention fascinating and win over even more hearts and souls in the process.

Through their Marketing Solutions Blog, LinkedIn offers a few examples of brands applying various playful strategies. Therefore making B2B marketing entertaining and informing. The standout examples include;


To demonstrate the power of 5G internet for businesses, Cisco recently developed a “Me+Moo” campaign that invites users to download an app that connects you to a real-life dairy cow wearing a sensor. This way, farmers can get live updates on their cow’s wellbeing.

It’s a simple marketing campaign. But the results were quite impressive. It attracted plenty of media coverage and won Cisco 11,000 new customers in just a month.


In their recent “Hey World” advertising campaign, Upwork reaches out to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Elon Musk of Tesla to offer them the company’s freelancer-hiring services.

As a result, the attention-grabbing, 15-second ads garnered an impressive 10% increase in Upwork’s uptake among Fortune 500 companies.

Check out the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog to learn other playful tactics different brands have implemented recently to make B2B more fun. You may pick up a few tricks for your business.

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