Blogging Stats to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Blog

Infographic: Blogging Stats to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your BlogConversion is the holy grail of digital marketing – the ultimate evidence that your campaign is working. Unfortunately, it’s also where many marketers’ frustrations peak. After spending a substantial budget on traffic and lead generation, it can be stingingly painful to generate only a handful of conversions. This infographic illustrates blogging stats to help improve the conversion rate of your blog.

What can you do about it? How do you get more visitors to click on your CTAs and sign up for your emails?

Use Stats to Find Your Way

You’ve likely read blogs and watched videos about better content writing and social linking. Some experts will also advise that you improve your CTAs and loading times. However, no one ever tells you how much making these changes would impact your conversion rate. What difference would it make?


Spiralytics has conducted detailed research and brings you insightful tips to identify areas of your campaign that hold the key to increased conversions, complete with valuable stats on what you can expect from every tip you implement.

For instance, anchor texts CTAs can massively boost your conversion rate. Indeed, marketers report up to a 121% boost in traffic, whereas only about 6% of end-of-post banner CTAs generate conversions. This clearly demonstrates the value of anchor text CTAs.

Check out the rest of the Spiralytics report in the infographic below to learn blogging stats to improve the conversion rate of your blog.


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