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How to Generate More Affiliate Revenue From Your Blog Posts

affiliate revenue

If you want to generate more revenue from your blog, without spending any time creating products or offering a service, you should turn to affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you mainly share links to products you like on your blog and you get a slice of the revenue when someone makes a purchase after visiting […]

6 Tips to Grow Your Business using Social Media and Digital Marketing

how social media and digital marketing can grow your business

Finding more customers for your business in 2020 means being present online and having a plan in place to ensure you are visible on social media. To be discovered online you must be aware of the different online channels available to you. Ensuring your business succeeds means knowing exactly how to adapt to these unique […]

Using Your Social Media to Advertise Yourself: A Guide

Social Media to advertise yourself

Over the course of the past decade, social media has assumed new and more complex functions as different platforms have become more exciting, innovative and replete with self-promotional options. What were once purely social platforms, connecting individuals across the world, are now platforms upon which you can promote yourself – as both a star employee, […]

How Analytics Can Help Improve Every Area of Your Customer

Analytics improve every area of your customer

If there’s something you don’t know about your customers, then the chances are there are tools available to help you find out the answer. Technology allows us to use analytics to help improve our businesses, and there are few areas where it is more useful than customer experience. Your customers are what keep your business […]