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Social Media Trends: Growth of Social Selling

Social Selling Defined: This is the new breed of value-focused, trust-building, nurturing sales in action. - via Salesforce.comSocial Media continues to evolve and smart marketers are integrating social media marketing and selling as an integrated part of their overall online marketing. The key growth edge for businesses is the way that social is used as part of their sales process.  The growth of "Social Selling" will continue, and it's an art (with science)! This great infographic Read more [...]

Increase Social Traffic on your Website with Web Embed Options

We've been thrilled with the positive feedback on the latest TabSite updates. Thanks so much! For those digging in and trying to maximize, here are 3 Key Features to help you grow business. Embed a App on your Website You own your website.  You want more traffic on your website.  So use the Web Embed feature in any app to bring your community new, engaging items ON YOUR WEBSITE. Here's a image of the view of a Instagram App embedded on a website. It's simple.  When you click Read more [...]

4 Ways Hotels Can use Instagram in Marketing

Social Media has become a great equalizer for the hotel business. It allows businesses to not just tell people about the great things their place offers, but show them. Even better, it’s all free, which nicely disrupts a hospitality business model that has been around for centuries and helps level the playing field. Whether a property is independent or part of a a larger chair, owners or at least local managers need to be intentional and strategic in how best to let people know about Read more [...]