Combating tech burnout: 15 ways to manage workplace stress [Infographic]

combating tech burnout infographic

As many as 68% of tech employees feel burned out from working remotely. Workplace stress from a remote setup exists in all industries, but the technology sector is the most affected. Let’s look at 15 ways for combating tech burnout.

Burnout is caused by factors like long work hours and not enough rewards. These lead to problems such as low morale, reduced performance, and increased absenteeism.

Thankfully, there are some effective ways to manage workplace stress and avoid burnout.

1) Use up Paid Time Off (PTO)

A few days away from the job can give you the mental reset you need. If you have nothing to do and just plan to stay at home, it’s still a good use of your time if it means you can get a break.

2) Set boundaries

You need to know when to say no to a task. Saying yes to everything sets a harmful precedent because it makes stakeholders come to expect your 24/7 availability. When you set boundaries, people you work with will know when not to disturb you.

3) Get some exercise

Working from home closes the distance from bed to desk, so you may end up limiting the space you move in without meaning to. Make a conscious effort to do physical activities to reduce your stress.

Check out the infographic on Combating tech burnout: 15 ways to manage workplace stress for more tips.