How to Create a Killer Instagram Strategy

killer instagram strategy

With 300 million monthly uses, Instagram is a force in the social media world. How can you take advantage of all those eyeballs on Instagram? This infographic will certainly help you flesh out an Instagram strategy that’s successful in getting traffic back to your website.

Instagram Facts

The 300 million monthly users post 70 million photos and videos daily which get 2.5 billion likes daily.

Instagram user are young, and it looks like as people get older their preferred viewing devices are tablets.

Facebook is still the #1 photo sharing site and surprisingly Snapchat is second.

Instagrammers are not just voyeurs; they engage. They’re 58% more likely to engage with a brand than Facebook users and 120% more likely than Twitter users.

Instagram Strategy

Only 30% of the businesses that are active on social media use Instagram. Interesting enough restaurants and the travel industry, whose products tend to be more visual aren’t using Instagram. Only 25% of the restaurants and travel business that are active on social media are using Instagram. This is a HUGE opportunity as there’s not much competition.

Image quality does make a difference. On Instagram, the photo is the main focus of the post, and higher quality images are engaged with more often.

URL’s aren’t clickable in Instagram. So anyone who takes the time to copy and paste the URL is probably really interested in your service or product.

Use #hashtags on Instagram to increase reach and searchability.

Instagram is a social platform, and it’s all about being social.

  • Follow your followers
  • Repost content
  • Comment on posts

Always track engagement. There are several analytics tools for Instagram, find one you like and use it religiously.

Instagram Must Do’s

Make sure you create a full profile on Instagram. Link your profile to your website for a high ranking backlink.

Big thanks go to our friends over at Salesforce for the great infographic.

killer instagram strategy

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