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This infographic is vital if you use Facebook Ads. Facebook Ad demographics are laid out visually for a better understanding of how to use them. A big thank you to PremiumITSolutions.com.au for this engaging and information infographic.

The ability to target your customers through Facebook advertising is becoming increasingly refined.

Facebook now allows marketers to target ads based on the following demographics:

Geographic location – Great for local businesses like restaurants and retail stores.

Age & Gender

Relationship status – Hotels and travel agents can target newly engaged people.

Educational level – Graduate schools can target undergrads with invitations for upper-level degrees.

Employment – Training programs and CEU unit providers can target people working in their specific field.

Ethnic affinity and generation – Use this to target parents with children in a specific age bracket.

Political beliefs – You know all the Presidental candidates will be using this targeting option.

Major life events  Like anniversaries, job status, birthday, away from home, and even more.

Language, Interests & Behaviors – Target by sports team, foreign language or topic.

Think about your typical consumer profile and match it to your advertising audience.

For example, if your local business sells baby clothes, you can target customers in your town (location), who just had a child (major life event).

The better you know your customer, the more likely you’ll see your business grow.


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    Facebook ad demographics knowledge is very important if we are doing paid campaigns in Facebook, recently I started my ads in this platform, Facebook ads are really tricky to know where we get results.

    Thanks for visually showing the demographics of Facebook audiences, see you soon with another article.

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