Facebook Ads vs Google Ads


Rock em Sock em Robots help to illustrate Facebook ads vs. Google ads.

  1. Reach – Google comes out swinging with a better reach … approx 90% of all internet users.
  2. Targeting Options – Facebook throws an uppercut to Google’s chin with the amazing and extensive demographics to focus ad audience targeting so that people who are likely to purchase are the people that receive the ads.
  3. Mobile Advertising – Google comes back with a crippling gut punch by being more mobile ad friendly.
  4. ROI – Facebook and Google are trading punches as this really depends on how well your ads are created and placed, which can be a function of the person placing the ad and not the ad service. But with Facebook’s tight ad targeting ability, it’s landing a few more punches and getting more points.

The Winner! We like Facebook marketing. It has great demographics that allow you to reach the people that have demonstrated an interest in your product or service, so your ROI is higher. But don’t exclude Google, for mobile ads and immediate sales.

google ads vs facebook ads

Infographic by our friends at WishPond

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