Facebook Live Video for Your Business

Facebook Live Video for Your BusinessAre you looking for a new way to engage customers on social media? Real-time streaming apps have become very popular with social media users and are great tools for brands to engage with customers.

Apps like Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab became enormously popular in 2015, and many brands like Starbucks, BMW, Taco Bell and Doritos were quick to jump on board. These brands found fun and creative ways to share real-time pictures and videos that their followers loved. Facebook now has their own Live Video tool that enables users to easily stream real-time content with little effort via the smartphone app. Here is a closer look at how Facebook Live Video works for your business.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Live Video?

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Live Video for Pages is that it is built right into the Facebook iOS or Android Pages app. Simply tap the status icon, and then the Live Video icon. You can write a description for the broadcast if you’d like, then hit “Go Live” to start broadcasting. No need to download a separate app!

Some other cool features of Facebook Live Video:

  • See how many people are watching your video as you stream, and see all of their names and comments.
  • Your video automatically saves to your timeline once you are through recording. You can tweet it, embed it, share it, or delete it from there.

How is it Different from Periscope or Meerkat?

A big advantage Facebook Live Video has over Periscope is that Facebook Live saves your video for good. With Periscope, your videos disappear after 24 hours. You also have the ability to choose who sees your video with Facebook Live, unlike Periscope or Meerkat where anyone who has the app can see the video.  As well, so many people are already on Facebook and scouring the News Feed so to have this integrated seamlessly is a big win!

How Will This Help My Business?

The real-time interaction that Facebook Live Video gives you is a unique way to connect with your audience. Watching a live-stream video that encourages interaction is a more memorable experience than reading an article or status. People love to see authenticity, and there is nothing else out there that is quite as authentic or intimate as a live streaming video!  Studies have shown that users engage more with live video as well, so it’s a way to get better engagement.

How Should I Use Facebook Live Video?

Many opportunities exist for businesses through Facebook Live Video. With some planning and some creativity, you can create some awesome content! Although the limit for a Facebook Live Video is 30 minutes, most users create videos that are much shorter, around 2-5 minutes. Here are a few ideas about how you could use Facebook Live Video:

  • Go Behind the Scenes: Show your audience how your products are made, or show your team at work or relaxing during lunch. Your followers will love to get an “inside look” at your business.
  • Stream Live Events: If you are at a big event, stream it to your followers. Show them everything that’s happening and answer questions as you go.
  • Conduct an Interview: Interview an employee or a client who might have a unique perspective or insight on your brand.

Promoting an upcoming Live Video on social media is a good way to get more engagement and build anticipation for your video. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Facebook Live Video streams. With a little planning and creativity, you can create some unique real-time content that your audience will love!

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