Facebook Remarketing Ads Can Work for your Page Apps

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Facebook Ads, love ’em or hate ’em, they can really work!

Facebook Ads are becoming more mainstream in use by smart marketers, and Facebook is making them simpler to setup and manage.

Why do they work?  Because you can reach your ideal audience where they spend time… on Facebook and in the News Feed of Facebook.

How is this possible? Facebook knows a LOAD of information about each user by the profile information each person adds to the Pages they Like, the friends they have, and the items they comment on.  All this is data that can work for you in Ads!

Plus, since research says it often takes 7 touches with a brand before a company is comfortable making a purchase from them, it makes sense to find ways to reconnect with your visitors.

Facebook is helping with that!  Custom Audiences (or Audiences) provide an easy means to reach AGAIN, a very high percentage of people who visit your website, by enabling you to deliver another message back to them on Facebook.

See How to Setup a Custom Audience and a Facebook Custom Audience Ad for instructions

Now, TabSite Apps support Custom Audiences
enabling you to remarket to visitors of your app!

pixel for Facebook Remarkeiting Ads for TabSite Apps

Here’s an example you could do:

Reach Fans Again:

Use a Sweepstakes App and run a “Enter to win!” promotion.  Users enter and of course according to your promotion, maybe 1 or 2 people are selected as random winners.  However, by adding the Audience pixel on your App you can then run a Facebook Ad to all those who visited the App (on Facebook or embedded on your website) and didn’t win.  

Since you can target ONLY them, you could run a “dark post” (created in Facebook Ad Manager and only seen in News Feed by those you are targeting) that gives them a 1x 30% off coupon. That’s only one example!

The key is that you can reach out again to those who visited your app!

Bonus: Track Ad Conversions!

One additional item we are offering in our Sweepstakes, Sweepstakes Plus, and Form & Survey Apps is the ability to track conversions.  This let’s you know the ROI of a Ad campaign by allowing you to add a Conversion Tracking Pixel to the “thank you page” so that you know when someone clicked on a Ad, came to your app and submitted the form!

Where to add:

In each App in the TabSite manager we have a Pixel Tracking code area for Facebook and/ or Google Ads.  By installing the pixel code from those services, you are then able to target visitors to your promotion back on that service with ads.  

Facebook Audience Pixel Tracking Code:

Simply paste the pixel tracking code that they provide.  Full instructions on setup >

Facebook Conversion Tracking Code:

We offer the ability to track conversions (entry submissions) on your Sweepstakes, Sweepstakes Plus, and Form & Survey Apps that were generated by Facebook Ads.  You would need the Conversion code from Facebook and you enter it in the area shown below.

Again, here’s the basics on Remarketing and then below we have some info on where to add your pixels for tracking in a TabSite App.

How Facebook Remarketing Ads helps you:

  • Allows you to reach your app visitors again on Facebook with an Ad
  • In your Ads you can then brings your app visitors to your website
  • Target people across both their mobile and desktop devices

How Custom Audiences from your website works:

  1. People browse your App
  2. Some enter, some don’t.  Some share, some vote, etc.
  3. You can reach them on Facebook by creating ads reminding them of their visit and inviting them to click and visit a special page on your website.

How Conversion Tracking helps you:

  • Tracks the “submit” or entry/sale only from the Facebook Ad
  • Gives you direct ROI info on your Facebook Ad investment
  • Users complete your form (for a sweepstakes, survey, ebook, whatever you outline) and when they successfully complete the form Facebook notes this and tracks the “conversion”.

So now you have ability to really fine-tune and extend the life of your promotion.  The promotion can help you grow leads, grow fans, build our email list, and now even market again going forward to those who showed interest by coming to the app.

Have you used Audiences or Conversion tracking yet on Facebook?


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