Facebook Removing Tabs for Personal Profiles, TabSite Adapts!

Facebook announced Facebook2.jpgin a October 8 blog post that they are moving forward with their plan to remove support for tabs on personal user profiles.  This expected change means that, as of today, users will no longer be able to add new tabs to Profiles (see image below).  This does not in any way impact users of TabSite on Fan Pages.  This does, however, impact all TabSite users who are currently using TabSite on their Personal Profile.   According to Facebook, users with a application like TabSite on their personal profile will be able to edit them until 11/2, at which time Facebook will begin to remove them.

Facebook cites low usage of Profile tabs as a reason for this change. Additionally, we believe removing support for tabs on profiles is part of a broader strategy by Facebook to simplify the Personal Profile space and focus on Business/Fan Pages. This is good for Facebook, its users, and TabSite users, as we believe a Fan Page is the best way to promote your business and organization.

If you’d like to create a Fan Page, you can do so profile.jpghere.


TabSite Responds & Creates Transfer Tool

In order to best assist our users who have a Tabsite on their Profile and who will want to keep their TabSite content but need to move it to a Fan Page, TabSite has created a new tool now available in the TabSite manager area.  When a user with a TabSite on their Profile goes to their manager area they will be alerted of this Facebook change and they will have instructions and the message shown below (See image) to guide them in moving their TabSite to their Fan page.  Please note, you will want to first create a Fan Page in Facebook before making this change!

As always, our team at TabSite will do our best to keep you updated and to provide tools that meet your Facebook Fan Page customization needs!



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