Facebook Rolls out Updated Insights for Pages to ALL


The New Version of Page Insights for Facebook Page Admins is [finally] here!

Earlier this year Facebook had invited Page owners to try a new version of Page Insights designed to help create better content and provide Page admins with more information about the people that were visiting their pages.

Today, they announced the roll-out of the updated Page Insights to all Page owners worldwide!

View their full release and video on the new Insights here: Facebook for Business

Here’s a quick synopsis I put together:

Key features

Simpler metrics:
Facebook split the People Talking About This (PTAT) metric into separate elements: Page Likes, People Engaged (the # of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts), Page tags and mentions, Page checkins and other interactions on a Page.

The Virality metric was also renamed Engagement Rate and, in order to help admins better gauge overall post quality, now includes clicks as part of its measurements. (HELPFUL)

Score Card
Facebook aggregated all the metrics for positive interactions (likes, comments, shares and clicks) and negative interactions (hide post, hide all posts, report as spam, unlike page) into a post-specific score card, so marketers can evaluate positive and negative metrics side-by-side for each post. (NICE!)

People interacting with your page Insights
Page Insights allows you to see not only who you’ve reached – but also who you’ve engaged. NOTE: This can help Page admins identify how content resonates with different audiences and make more informed decisions about their Page content and strategy. (AGAIN, A WIN!)

New Page Insights Export
Based on the other changes, the new features needed to be and have been added to the Export tool.  This enables Page owners using and tracking the new metrics in Page Insights to be able to update their custom reporting template.

One Feature I really Like:

Benchmark option.  Opportunity to get benchmark data such as Organic Page Reach (always an issue!) and Organic Page Likes over time compared to another prior time period.  This is some easy to access granular detail that is very useful for determining value!


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