Facebook Tests Mobile Search Feature for Posts

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What if you could search for any post you had shared on Facebook?

How about posts that your friends shared with other friends?

For business, what if it were easy to search posts by Page or your Groups?

It may be soon coming to everyone!

I had read that Facebook was testing a new feature for mobile users.  Bloomberg had reported this in late August with a few sketchy details.  Today, however, I happened to discover it when on my iPhone using the mobile browser in Safari!

Facebook Tests Mobile Search of Posts on iPhone

Here’s the view on my iPhone 5 in Safari. Facebook was inviting me to use the tool and gave me an example of what could be found when searched.


It is a powerful, multi-keyword search and it allows you to search different types of results.

Use it to find items you have posted, friends have posted, your Page has posted, and even posts from Groups you are part of.

It will make Facebook an even more powerful and “sticky” tool where you’ll go to search for things you saw in the News Feed!

Click "find Posts" to narrow your search from regular Facebook results of people, Pages, Groups, to specific posts.

Click “find Posts” to narrow your search from regular Facebook results of people, Pages, Groups, to specific posts.

My Facebook Post Search Test

I decided to try and find a post I had seen recently that I recalled. As I initially begin to search, I see results for Events, Groups, Pages, and more.  The magic happens when I click the blue “Find Posts for ‘hop on the boat'”.

Facebook Mobile Search

The results use filters for my friends, Pages, Groups, and more to return the most relevant results to me just from POSTS only…

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You can’t even see the “hop on the boat” text which is in the “See More” drop down of this Sue B. Zimmerman post, but it’s there!

I definitely think this could be a winner for Facebook.  If the average American is spending 40 minutes a day on Facebook now, just think what it might grow to with relevant, keyword search being available on your mobile device.  It will be your trusted search because it includes results from your friends, the Pages you Like and the Groups you belong to!

More than just “Graph Search” for phones, this is a potential game-changer!  Watch out Google!


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