Five Ways Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business That You Haven’t Heard Before

Five Ways Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business That You Haven’t Heard Before

Social media marketing has become almost a no-brainer marketing approach for all kinds of businesses that are looking to get that extra boost to their leads and sales. People are spending record amounts of time on their devices. Especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Additionally this trend and these platforms aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Not taking advantage of such an opportunity can limit the growth of your business. As well as decrease the number of potential customers. And in all honesty make or break everything you’ve been working for.

Luckily, social media marketing isn’t as hard as some make it out to be. Knowing about some of the benefits which you haven’t heard of or considered before will not only make you more knowledgeable in this sphere but will perhaps motivate you and get you on the right track with these essential marketing techniques.

Today you’re going to read about 5 social media marketing benefits that come with marketing your business online. Plus, how it can affect and improve your business without an incredible amount of effort.

Positive Change

When first embarking on the SMM (social media marketing) route, you’ll begin to quickly learn more about your brand in ways that you haven’t thought of before. This knowledge can ultimately lead to growth. Which can indeed begin to promote positive change within your business.

Having the exposure that comes with being on social media as a company or brand not only means that you’ll be seen by lots of people. But you’ll also get to hear voices and opinions of others. Which if considered carefully and constructively, can, in fact, provide valuable lessons and answers to your questions.

A recent example comes to mind when considering what good can potentially come from what otherwise would’ve been a sticky situation. This case involving Starbucks, and how they handled that potential crisis with the help of social media. Instances as such show just how in the midst of a crisis, social media can be used to sway public opinion back in your favor by quickly enacting positive change and making it public.

Converting the Unbelievers

When you’re on social media, whether you like it or not, you’ll be seen by a lot of people from different backgrounds and interests. This presents a golden opportunity to convert all the leads that weren’t interested in your brand, product, or company before. While you might be marketing to a specific audience, the more people see you, the higher the chances you’ll get customers who don’t fall under your usual buyer persona. Attempting to convert those leads should be one of the focal points of your social media marketing campaign. This has everything to do with external content.

Things like promoting your brand in a way that’s not only informative but also entertaining. Perhaps either through video content or blogging, is bound to turn a few heads. Plus it may get shared amongst people that wouldn’t usually think twice about your product. This and many other conversion practices can be found here. Besides doing your own research, which will make you better prepared to get your social media campaign on the right course. Always remember that the more bases you fill-up (social media platforms that you’re on) the higher the chance of success will be.

Customer Loyalty

If done right, the following that you generate on social media can turn into a digital community. They will follow you through highs and lows and won’t leave you when the cards are down. This is one of the biggest social media marketing benefits for your business. If you stay authentic as a brand, the chances are that you’ll be truly liked and perhaps even loved. Your customers will reward you with loyalty, which in the business world goes a very long way.

For this to happen, you should strive for everyday excellence. Additionally, nurture your social media marketing platform with all the right care and attention. Things like great customer service via social media. Or, providing external perks to already existing loyal customers, as well as giving customers reasons to be loyal are all great examples of how customer loyalty can be achieved. This article does a great job explaining all the ins and outs of creating and keeping customer loyalty. It is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Hard to Forget

Social media can help you when times are hard – if you’re visible and active on social media during tumultuous times, there’s a good chance your current customers won’t abandon you or switch to someone else when things go back to normal.

Keeping a presence through thick and thin in an almost relentless fashion will resonate in a way that you are relevant now and will be for the times to come. This type of assurance can be almost seen as priceless and to get there should be motivational enough to begin an SMM campaign in the first place.

You’ll Gain Knowledge

You’ll learn more about yourself and your customers with social media acting as a sort of mirror. If there’s active communication going on, there’s a possibility you’ll unearth something new. Plus, what you weren’t aware of before about yourself and your brand. These are some of the closest insights a business can ask for. Its availability comes in one of the purest forms.

A direct line of communication, which can be full of opinions, thoughts, and downright discussions in regards to your brand or product can serve as a real eye-opener. This all leads to you having the necessary knowledge. Which can lead to the improvement and growth of your business.


These five social media marketing benefits will provide you with new insights that you haven’t heard before. Now you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your Social Media marketing strategy.

About April Heavens- Woodcock

Author: April Heavens–Woodcock , is the Chief Buzz Officer Touching Clients a Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in strategic online marketing development for businesses. She is passionate about helping businesses grow their bottom line with effective tools. She speaks regularly on social media, email marketing, and marketing around the East Coast.