Four ways to take a break in business

Four ways to take a break in business

There’s no doubt about it, work and businesses are stressful environments most of the time. Whether there are always impending deadlines for you and your team to reach, or commissions that need to be met, more often than not, you might be left feeling overwhelmed by your work life. This feeling of stress will no doubt spread to the rest of your team and, if left unchecked, could result in a stressful office environment that is both unpleasant and inefficient to work in. It is vital to incorporate regular breaks and fun activities to help boost both your mood and that of the rest of your team. Here are four ways to take a break in business.

  • After work drinks

One of the most popular ways of boosting team morale throughout the decades is to regularly join your employees for after-work drinks. This has the benefit of providing a relaxed and informal environment outside of work. Allowing you and your team to get to know each other better outside the office. By socializing outside the working environment, your team will see you as approachable. Therefore, they will be more likely to discuss any work issues with you before they spiral out of control. This creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence in your team.

  • Games

It’s been proven that people work more efficiently with regular breaks rather than plowing through with tasks from start to finish. To give your staff a break from work-related tasks, why not incorporate short games as part of the workday? For instance, you could have a few rounds of hangman on the whiteboard, or visit  for a quick game of bingo. Incorporating short games like these into the working day will give you and your staff a mental break from work activities. Allowing you to return to the task at hand with a refreshed mindset. Additionally, playing games could also help to strengthen the bond between your team.

  • Weekly treats

Another popular method of boosting team morale is to bring in weekly treats in the form of cakes and cookies. Each member of your team could take turns at doing this, bringing in either shop-bought treats or, if they want something more unique, homemade. Nothing breaks up a long workday like a slice of Bundt cake with the mid-afternoon coffee! Make sure you look into your team’s separate dietary requirements to ensure that every member of staff feels included. This includes providing vegan and diet options. Or, if your team is not into cakes and cookies, you could replace the baking with a weekly coffee run.

  • Go on a team-building excursion 

To provide a break in business, you could take your team out of the office for a day of team building activities. This could work well if you have just completed a particularly stressful project. Or, if you have recently taken on new staff members who need to be integrated into the rest of your team. For instance, one popular team building excursion is to complete an assault course. Providing, of course, that every staff member is physically up to it. Or, you could take your team on an escape room experience. Many escape rooms have themes, such as Harry Potter or a haunted house. So you are sure to find one that appeals to your team. Through this, you will have to work together as a team to solve a series of puzzles. As such, this provides an excellent opportunity to build on communication and collaboration skills, all in a fun environment.

These four experiences can help you and your employees take a break in business while building a team environment and morale.

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