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The Group Deal Engagement App offers Page Admins an advanced deal tool for Facebook Pages based on group participation.  

Like others sites such as Groupon, the deal is not active until a minimum number of fans have acted on it and Admins can set how many total Deals are going to be offered.  

Group Deal is a new Facebook Page promotion tool from TabSite designed to help boost your Page traffic and engagement.  Group Deal is offered at the Platinum Plan level.

The Summary:

A fan comes to the tab and sees it is going to take 50 registrants to unlock the dea.  They want in so they click to Share the deal with their friends. This opens up a form so that that they can register.  The form data is submitted and if the registrants reaches 50, then the deal is on.  The Page Admin can export the registrants information via the csv export at top right of the Group Deal setup area in the manager and then contact/e-mail the registrant the deal ticket/code/coupon, etc.  That part is on you, we give you the socially engaging mechanism to setup and manage a group deal.  

If the time set for the deal expires or the deal limit on total offered is reached, the “Share to reveal” and form are removed and are no longer accessible.




Group Deal offers:

  • Ability to add a customized image outlining your Deal.  
  • Ability to set Registrations Required before deal is active 
  • Ability to set a limit on the number of deals that will be available. (This sets a cap so you can offer larger deals but limit the quantities. 
  • Ability to set a end date of when the deal is no longer active and available.
  • Email alerts for each entry and notification when the deal has reached the required registrations and is active.
  • Admins can add a Deal Over image that will appear in the time period expires or if the maximum number of deals offered has been reached.
  • Social sharing options  to encourage fans to share your tab.  Admins can set the sharing core information for the Share button, Pinterest Pin, +1 and Tweet to strengthen the message from your Page that goes out when fans share the information.  The Like, Share, and +1 pull from the Title, Description, and Image fields, and the Tweet text has a counter to help you stay within a 140 character limit.
  • A Like Gate image option that should be loaded at 810 x 810 pixels.
  • Platinum Plans have the Promotional Tools area active enabling Admins to more easily drive traffic to their tabs from their website or blog by allowing you to upload an image and grab embed code to add to your blog or site.  This image call-out will link to the Facebook Page Tab.  
  • In the Advanced Configuration area, there is ability to customize the text and language for form capture, response message, and text instructions so it can be  easily used globally.
  • Export registrations: There is a quick export tool for all registrations captured.
The Video Overview:





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